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Spring 2016 Syllabus for CIS -D099.-61Z
CIS -D099.-61Z - Karina Dundurs
Office Software Applications
Call Number: 11395
Term: Summer 2014
4.5 units
Introduces concepts and hands-on projects using four common office productivity software programs including word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software.
Instructor Information: Karina Dundurs
This class uses MS Office version 2010, but you can use 2013. It will have some areas that are different.
In this course, students will have an understanding of:
• Creating documents using Word
• Creating spreadsheets using Excel
• Creating presentations PowerPoint
• Creating data base using Access
No text required.
Written Assignments
All assignments are to be submitted to my email address NOT through Catalyst.

The assignments measure your ability to apply course concepts to problem solving skills using software applications and discussion forums. Turn in your course work per the class schedule by the assigned due dates. No late work will be accepted.

Discussion Boards are crucial to your grade. Make sure you participate in the discussions using thoughtful answers. Simple answers will lower or lack of responses back and forth will lower your grade.
Final Grade
Through your Portal
Activity Weight
Discussion Forums 20%
Assignments 50%
Quiz 30%

GRADES A = 90-100% B = 80-89% C = 70-79% D= 60-69% F = 0-59%
Assignments Schedule
Schedule is online within the course.

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