CLP 70 Self Assessment - Syllabus
Department: Counseling
Instructor - Adrienne R. Pierre
4.0 Units

De Anza College Online Education Center . Office Location: LCW-102 . (408) 864-8969 . FAX: (408) 864-5546, 864-8245 .
This course will assist students in understanding the process of career development to explore individual values, interest, skills, and personality types as they relate to career choices.
This is an ONLINE course. There are NO on-campus meetings.

Advisory: English Writing 211 and Reading 211 (or Language Arts 211), or English as a Second Language 272 and 273.

Instructor Information
Welcome to CLP-70 - Self Assessment. It is my pleasure to be your instructor in this course. I have been teaching this course at De Anza College since 1993 and employed with the district since July, 1989. I have held various positions through out my tenure here. My experiences include, Career Services Associate, Re-Entry Coordinator, and Interium Transfer/Career Center Coordinator. It is my goal this quarter to assist you with defining and focusing on your career direction.

You can leave me an e-mail message anytime. I will get back to you as soon as I can, within 24 hours.

Web Site:

This is an online course . Students must have access to a computer, the Web and an individual e-mail address.
  1. To learn how to identify one's interest, skills and values and compare then with several career options.
  2. To understand the career decision making process and learn how to make decision and set short and long-term goals.
  3. To learn the skills involved in researching, acquiring, and maintaining a job.
  4. To become oriented to the socioeconomic world of work as it impacts individual and family career systems.
  5. To understand career development theories and use decision-making skills for life/career planning and management.
  6. To identify appropriate academic major and/or occupational alternatives in relation to personal characteristics.
  7. To formulate action plans and strategies for moving oneself toward implementation of life/career goals.
Evaluation: Grading system explained on Performance Contract Summary.

Behavior Expectations:
Students in CLP 70 will share their views about life/career issues, and participate in online discussions, use appropriate Netiquette, read all messages, and you are expected to respond to each other. Students will respect individuals with views that are different from their own and be courteous when applying to or posting a message.

Academic Honor Code:
Do not commit academic dishonesty and plagiarism in writing research papers or taking test in this class. Violations of the Academic Honor Code shall include representing another's work or any part thereof, published or unpublished, as one's own. It shall also include presenting or submitting any academic work in a manner that impairs the instructor's ability to assess the student's academic performance. Violations of the Academic Honor Code will reflect an automatic grade of zero points for the designated assignment or test, as well as a report to the Dean of Counseling and VIP of Student Services.

Materials: De Anza College Bookstore
Phone: 408-864-8907 or 864-8949

Textbook - Taking Charge of Your Career Direction : Career Planning Guide, Book 1, 5th Edition by Robert D. Lock; published by Brooks/Cole, a division of Thomson Learning, Inc. Each student must purchase a copy of the text. The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory are included in your material fees.

Last Updated: 1/27/16