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Bryan ReeceEmployment Experience

  • President, Norco College (Norco, California), 2017-2019
  • Vice President, Instruction, Crafton Hills College (Yucaipa, California), 2013-2016
  • Dean, Cerritos College (Norwalk, California), 2009-2013
  • Professor, Political Science, Cerritos College (Norwalk, California), 1991-2009


  • Ph.D., Political Science, University of Southern California
  • M.A., Political Science, University of Southern California
  • B.A., Political Science, University of Southern California
  • Accomplishments

    Top Three Career Accomplishments

    The three professional accomplishments Dr. Reece is most proud of are all related to student development. Combined, they demonstrate the central role community colleges play in social mobility and social justice.

    First, Dr. Reece has implemented successful programs at three colleges around STUDENT ACCESS. For example, he initiated a prison education program in partnership with a state prison. The program serves over 200 students and had the first graduates in 2020. He has led development of over 14 dual enrollment partnerships with local high schools and helped build JFK Middle College into the largest middle college in California. He has developed programs for veterans, students of color, foster youth, formerly incarcerated, working adults and more in efforts to expand college going rates. At Norco College, these strategies increased enrollment by 9.6%; at Crafton Hills College by 28%.

    Second, Dr. Reece has over 15 years of leadership in relation to STUDENT SUCCESS. Most recently he helped secure Norco College as one of 20 colleges in California to lead the pilot project for Guided Pathways. At Cerritos College he authored the student success plan and completely overhauled learning support services accordingly. He has led the development of two educational master plans grounded in principles of student success and initiated several programs to improve retention, course success, and completion. Under his leadership, degree/certificate/transfer-readiness completion at Norco College improved by 18.3%; transfer to the UC system improved by 50%. At Cerritos College, he engineered four consecutive years of improved success and retention rates. He led Crafton Hills College’s retention and success rates to top 10 in California.

    Third, Dr. Reece has narrowed the EQUITY GAP at three colleges. By implementing a multilayered strategy, he has been able to help disfavored student populations find greater academic success. This strategy includes: 1) assessing academic inequities across the institution; 2) adding equity goals to all institutional strategic documents; 3) overhauling hiring practices to bring in more diverse employees; 4) developing systems for tracking/supporting academic success; 5) supporting professional development with primary emphasis on equity-mindedness; and 6) expanding services for all disproportionately impacted groups. With this approach, Norco College improved completion of degrees, certificates and transfer-readiness for disfavored student groups. African Americans improved from 17.4% to 29.6%. Men of color improved from 23.7% to 29.6%. Foster youth students improved from 20% to 41.7%. Latinx students improved from 25.8% to 33.6%.

    – Submitted by Bryan Reece

  • Biography

    Narrative Biography

    Dr. Reece has spent much of his career as an active academic in political science. With a Ph.D., MA, and BA from the University of Southern California, he spent 19 years on faculty teaching Introduction to American Government; Introduction to Political Science; Political Theory, Political Economy; California, State and Local Politics; and Internet Strategies for Government. He was recognized twice as a Cerritos College Outstanding Faculty Member and once as the California Educator of the Year by the CCCAOE. During this time, Dr. Reece developed a recognized expertise at the intersection of technology, governance, and education. With a range of books, papers and research projects to his name, Dr. Reece has consulted numerous government agencies and has been a speaker at more than 50 legislative committees, academic associations, universities, and industry gatherings. Dr. Reece is currently finishing a book titled Community Colleges and Social Justice. Select chapters are in peer review and the manuscript is scheduled for completion in the summer/fall of 2020.

    Dr. Reece has spent the last 15 years serving in various academic leadership positions. Starting as Academic Senate President, he moved to Dean, Vice President of Instruction, and College President. Dr. Reece has worked with three community colleges in California and has been active in regional, state and national leadership organizations. Throughout this time, he has earned a reputation for institutional development with an entrepreneur’s approach. This was most recently demonstrated under his Presidency at Norco College, where his team led a wide range of innovations to expand programs and improve the learning experience. Under his leadership, the College built systems to improve enrollment, education planning, scheduling, matriculation, articulation and more. They expanded resources with fundraising programs that built a $43 million portfolio, augmenting the annual budget by more than 35%. He improved existing facilities, started a new Early Childhood Education Center, and a new Veterans Resource Center. He successfully advocated for favorable legislation with the National Science Foundation, secured four state appropriations for facilities, and expanded regional partnerships with business and civic leaders. He moved the college forward strategically under a reorganization, new educational master plan, new facilities master plan, new governance plan, new equity plan, and successful re-accreditation. All of this was accomplished while maintaining high employee and student morale. In 2018 and 2019, Norco College was named a “Great College to Work for” by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

    – Submitted by Bryan Reece

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