Staff and Organizational Development

Staff and Organizational Development

Faculty Conference Funds Guidelines 2015 – 2016

Conference funds provide opportunities for faculty to attend seminars, workshops, and conferences. Professional Conference and Travel Funds are related to teaching and learning, job enhancement, and professional development. Examples of acceptable activities include:

  • attendance at off-campus professional conferences, workshops, and seminars.
  • attendance at on-campus workshops and seminars.
  • visiting other colleges or industry settings to review exemplary programs.

Funds may be requested by written application to the Staff Revitalization and Professional Conference Funds Committee. Interactive application forms may be downloaded and filled-in on your computer using Adobe Acrobat [other pdf viewing applications may not work properly]. Fill in the application using Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher, as it will allow you to SAVE the form to your desktop, otherwise you will have to print your application before you close your document.
Do not use prior versions of this application as the information as the information requested changes.

Plan Far Ahead for International Travel Authorization!

Board Policy 4176 International Travel: The Board of Trustees recognizes that there is an occasional need for international travel to advance the purpose of the District. Except for the staff members employed within the Office of International Students and the Campus Abroad programs at FHDA, the college President and the Chancellor, in advance of the travel, must approve all international travel. The Chancellor shall submit a report to the Board of Trustees of all international travel approved under this policy.

Please allow several weeks to complete the approval process for international travel! To assist you with preparing your documents for the approval process please review the following:

Instructions for Completing International Travel Authorization
International Travel Authorization Form

Criteria for Application Approval

In reviewing applications, the committee considers criteria such as:

  • value to the college in furthering current and future directions in curriculum, instructional methodology, telecommunications and technology, student services and/or management.
  • value to the individual in updating an instructional, student services, or management discipline.
  • presenting or speaking at a conference.
  • an effective plan for disseminating/implementing information and skills acquired.
  • availability of augmenting funds and/or alternative activities.

2015-2016 Application Submission Deadlines

Conference funds must be approved prior to the date of activity.

Fall Quarter 2015
Submit Application Packet By:

  • Tue., September 29
  • Tue., October 13
  • Tue., November 3  (Winter Qtr applications also considered)
  • Tue., November 24

Winter Quarter 2016
Submit Application Packet By:

  • Tue., January 5
  • Tue., January 26
  • Tue., February 16  (Spring Qtr applications also considered)
    ALL NCORE CONFERENCE applications need to be submitted by 2/16/16.
  • Tue., March 8

Spring Quarter 2016
Submit Application Packet By:

  • Tue., April 5
  • Tue., April 26
  • Tue., May 17  (Summer applications also considered)
  • Tue, May 31


  1. Awards for full-time and part-time faculty are limited to a maximum of $1000 per person in any academic year. Part time faculty who teach at both De Anza and Foothill Colleges are allowed a maximum of $1000 total District-wide.
  2. Funds are allocated to defray in part costs associated with conference fees, travel, lodging, and local mileage or public transportation only.
  3. In order to ensure equitable funding throughout the year, funds are divided among summer/fall, winter, and spring quarters. If funding is available, requests for summer activities will be considered at the last two spring quarter committee meetings.
  4. Multiple applications to the same conference will be considered as a group and whenever possible should be submitted together.
Funds will not be allocated for:
  • Food, parking, ground transportation (taxi, shuttle), car rental, and other expenses not specified above.
  • One-year grant-funded faculty. [If the administrative supervisor verifies the length of position and that the grant will continue at least one year after the activity for which funds are requested, then grant-funded faculty are eligible for conference funds.]
  • Faculty on leave without pay, retraining stipends, or fellowships.
  • Part-time faculty who have not yet achieved re-employment preference.
  • Faculty in last year of Early Retirement Incentive Program. [Faculty on Early Retirement Incentive Program may receive funding up to the last fiscal year prior to retirement and must submit supervisor's verification of status.]
  • Enrollment in college or university credit courses. [Training/Retraining Stipends are available from the District. Refer to your union contract, Article 35 and Appendix R, or call District Human Resources for more information.]

Application Process

  1. Conference application forms may be downloaded and filled-out from the Staff Development website at: Call Mary Kay Englen at ext. 8322 if you have questions about completing the application.
  2. The original completed and signed application [additional copies are no longer needed] should be submitted to the Staff Development Office for forwarding to the Committee and should contain the following: all information clearly entered and explained; one attached copy of the brochure, flyer, program agenda or relevant web pages showing conference and hotel fees and a description of the activity; signature of the division dean or manager.
  3. When an application has been approved, the applicant is notified by memo and receives a trip voucher, Out-of-State Authorization Form (where applicable), and instructions for reporting expenses.
  4. Employees are responsible for paying for all conference fees and travel expenses. To be reimbursed for these expenses, applicants must submit all three of the following to the Staff Development Office within 45 days of the date on which the activity occurred:
  • a completed and signed trip voucher (the Associate Vice President of Instruction's signature will be acquired by the Staff Development Office).
  • original receipts made out to the attendee for conference fees, lodging, and transportation (receipts issued in someone else's name will not be reimbursed).
  • a 1-2 page written summary of the conference.

Receipts for Personal Reimbursement

The District external auditors require original receipts and proof of payment to be turned in with your Trip Voucher for reimbursement of your approved expenses. Please make a copy of your receipts for your own records before turning them in with your Trip Voucher.

  • Receipts for expenses paid by credit card must show your name, the completed transaction (showing a $0 balance), the credit card type, and for VISA credit card receipts, the first 4 or last 4 digits of the credit card number.
  • Receipts for expenses paid by personal check must show "paid by check" or you may record "paid by check" and the check number on it, and initial it.
  • Receipts for expenses paid with cash must show "paid in cash" or you may record "paid in cash" on the receipt and initial it.

Reimbursing your Department Budget for Approved Expenses

If your department has already paid for part or all of your approved conference expenses with a District purchasing card or Direct Pay request, then the Staff Development Office will process the necessary paperwork to transfer the expense to the appropriate conference budget. You must obtain a copy of the financial record showing that the expense has been charged to the department budget and turn that in at the Staff Development Office with the matching receipts for processing.

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