Staff and Organizational Development

Professional Development

Resources for New Employees

The following resources are distributed during new employee orientation. All employees should feel free to download or review them as they need.
  1. Download the New Employee Resource Guide (1.6 MB pdf)  This guide is updated annually. It contains "how to" information, instructor and classroom responsibilities, classroom regulations and procedures, information about Student and Instruction services and programs, emergency procedures, and a lot of "nuts and bolts" information.

  2. Download Technology Links for New Employees (110.7 KB pdf)  This document includes important links to information about our Internet e-mail system, faculty information about the uses of MyPortal to manage your class and administrative duties, how to get accounts for a faculty webpage, for TurnItIn plagiarism prevention software, and for Catalyst/Moodle Classroom Management account and training.

  3. Download the New Faculty Checklist for the Beginning of the Quarter (57.0 KB pdf)  Just as it says in the title: a quick checklist of critical items to know or acquire before the start of your first term.

  4. Go to the MyPortal Resources for Faculty webpage  This webpage is a general FAQ help page with links to materials used as a part of the Faculty MyPortal training, and to other resources. Lots of information to help you get started quickly and to answer your questions on a specific topic.

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Last Updated: 9/29/17