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Room [Map] Seats Extra Smart* Board+ Overhead TV/VCR Notes

S-32 [Map]123 N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes

S-34 [Map]93 N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes

S-35 [Map]60 N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes

E-35 [Map]90 N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes

Forum 1 [Map]324 Theatre seats Yes Yes Yes Yes See below

Forum 3/4 [Map]106 Theatre seats Yes Yes Yes Yes

AT 120 [Map]125 Theatre style Yes White Bd Yes Yes See below

CHC Clsrm [Map]50 Exhibit Rm No White Bd Yes Yes Beautiful historical building facing the sunken garden.

Kirsch (KC) 115 [Map]100 White Bd Yes Yes

Kirsch (KC) 112 [Map]50 White Bd Yes Yes

Kirsch (KC) 113 [Map]50 White Bd Yes Yes

S-56 [Map]75 Yes White Bd No No

SC1102 [Map]100 Tables Yes White Bd No Yes

*Smart Room: Room has console in front that contains; overhead projection camera, computer, document reader, pull down screen, etc.
+Board: Room has either chalk board, white board, or both.

Facilities Rental

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