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Located on a 112 acre campus in Santa Clara Valley, De Anza, through its distinctive architecture, harmonizes with the surrounding community and creates a natural, restful campus atmosphere conductive to study. The buildings are a blending of Spanish and modern architecture with adobe-like walls, red-tile roofs, arches, and fountains. Architectural accent points are expressed in building which serve unique functions, such as the Flint Center (a 2,570-seat performing arts auditorium), an Olympic aquatics complex, a 5,000-seat Outdoor Events Arena, the newly updated De Anza College Fujitsu Planetarium, Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies, Science Center and the Advanced Technology Center.

The College has over 61 buildings and 116 classrooms, lecture halls and 43 labs available to perform its educational mission. The buildings are grouped university style in a traffic free area and provides main access to the campus. De Anza College also has other comprehensive physical and athletic facilities, including, gymnasiums, track, stadium, baseball, football, archery, tennis courts, soccer fields, and golf ranges. Furthermore, De Anza College has a premiere Environmental Studies Area that host several diversified ecosystems including local flora and fauna, as well as sand dunes, woodlands, desert, forest, marsh, stream, pond, and waterfall.

Facilities Rental Information

De Anza College has facilities available for special events or corporate meetings. Members of the public or public groups who would like to use campus buildings or outdoor areas during regular scheduled work hours or off - hours must obtain a Facilities Application Form from the Facilities Office on campus, or if you see below, an application can be obtained on line. De Anza faculty, staff and student clubs wishing to use facilities for non academic use, must also submit an application to the Facilities Office.

Facilities Rental Procedure

Please allow at least four (4) weeks for the facilities office to process your request. Applications received for the following quarter shall be held for processing until the schedule of classes for that quarter has been published and in-house facility designations have been established.

Facilities Rental

Contact: Christian Winn
Building: Administration
Office: 408.864.8333
Cell Phone:
Fax: 408.864.5454


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