Intermediate Programming Methodologies in C++ - HONORS

Course Description

A systematic approach to the design, construction and management of computer programs, emphasizing design, programming style, documentation, testing and debugging techniques. Strings, multidimensional arrays, structures, and classes. Pointers: their use in arrays, parameters and dynamic allocation. Introduction to linked lists. As an honors course the students are expected to complete extra assignments to gain deeper insight in working with structures, classes, and linked lists. Software engineering and computer science students are the targeted group.

Class Details

CRN Course Section Days Times Instructor Loc
36083 CIS 22BH 4YH M·W···· 11:30 AM-01:20 PM Delia Garbacea AT312

Class Materials: View textbook and/or other materials for this course available at the Bookstore.
Class Dates: This class runs from 2019-01-07 to 2019-03-29.
CIS -22BH-4YH: Hybrid Class (partial on line instruction). Access to the Internet required. Class meets physically Mondays and Wednesdays 11:30AM to 1:20PM. The online portion of the class is conducted via the Canvas Online system. The instructor will be available online Wednesdays 8:45AM to 10:00AM. Students may be online anytime during the week to complete online activities.***Please complete the form found at if you feel that you can evidence equivalent coursework and/or job experience that meet the prerequisites for this course.****

Course Details

4.5 Units
Four hours lecture, one and one-half hours laboratory (66 hours total per quarter).
Gen Ed
Non-GE Class
Program Status
Program Applicable
Credit - Degree Applicable
Grading Method
Letter Grading


Not open to students with credit in CIS 22B.
Admission into this course requires consent of the Honors Program Coordinator.
Students may receive credit for (CIS 22A and CIS 22B/22BH) or CIS 27.
CIS 22A.
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