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               SCHEDULING OFFICE


  1. Cancel the current class section.
    • Indicate CRN and Course ID.
    • Clearly mark "X" to show cancellation.

  2. Add a New class section.
    • Mark "N" for new class.
    • Indicate Course ID only.  Leave the section number blank.
    • Provide Beg & End Date, Days, Beg & End Time, Room, Seat Count, and WL.
    • Indicate the Instructor's name (last and first) and ID. Make sure the name and id match.
    • Indicate AT (0, 2, 3, 4, or 5) to show that faculty is part-time or full-time and to be paid or not.
    • Indicate LoadFactor.


*** Days or time change after the quarterly class schedule has been published and posted to the web requires cancellation of the current section and creation of a new one. This is necessary to reduce student confusion and to minimize state audit. 


Last Updated: 9/2/15