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Scheduling Office

  1. Employee must complete the necessary District paperwork (Medical Certification Form) for medical leave. If the leave involves a surgery, the procedure must be medically necessary at that point in time. Check with the District with questions regarding what is eligible medical leave or not.

  2. The Dean should notify the Vice President of Instruction of any extended sick leaves.

  3. Submit the following to Campus Payroll:

    • A copy of the completed District Medical Certification Form if the employee gives it to you. Otherwise, Campus Payroll will double check with District HR to make sure the paperwork was filed before proceeding with the next steps.

    • An MSI to reassign the class to another instructor. If the replacement instructor is part-time, be aware of the load that will be generated with the reassignment as you consider the PT faculty’s maximum load for the year.

      On the same MSI, you should assign a new class to the instructor under the 994 course number (e.g. ACCT994) and include the sick leave period.

      Special instructions for part-time instructors only:
      -    Include the day(s) and the class times the employee would have taught the class.
      -    The employee is only entitled to a load equivalent to what s/he is normally assigned. For example, if an employee is regularly assigned one .1000 course each Fall, then the employee cannot claim sick leave in a Fall quarter for a load of .2000.    Indicate under the “Comments” section of the MSI how much load the employee is typically assigned so that Campus Payroll knows you have checked the faculty’s typical load.

    • A sick leave form indicating the days that the faculty member will miss.

  4. Campus Payroll will forward the MSI to the Scheduling Office, who will reassign the class and enter a 994 class into the system with the correct load to indicate the sick leave.

  5. Campus Payroll will process the sick leave form in the system. NOTE: The employee should check his/her sick leave balance to make sure that s/he has enough sick leave to cover the request. If more sick leave is requested than is available for that employee, the difference will be processed as unpaid leave.


Last Updated: 9/2/15