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Section Numbers & Designators

The class section number is either composed of 2-digit numbers or three alphanumeric characters. When scheduling a class in Banner it is important to use the appropriate section number because it provides information such as the type of class it is (face-to-face, hybrid, or distance learning), time the class meets, length of the class, if the class belongs to a special program, and other important details. Besides class information, section number is also used as a key parameter in various college reports.


Code Section Designators
A Campus Abroad
D Learning Community Courses - LinC
F Off Campus classes
FY First Year Experience
H Honors Classes
L Weekend Classes - F-S-Sun
M Mellon Scholars
MPS Math Performance Success Program
N International Students, i.e. COUN 50.40N, COUN 50.61N
P Puente, i.e. EWRT 1A.P1
65R, 66R, 67R
Special Project
R Reach Program, i.e. HUMA 10.R1
S Community/Civic Engagement and LEAD
UM Umoja
Y Hybrid Classes
Z Distance Learning Classes, i.e. ANTH 1.63Z, ECON 1.64Z


Example1: EWRT 1A.01Y

The "01Y" section number indicates that it is a full term, hybrid class.


Example2: ANTH 1.62Z

The "62Z" section number indicates that it is a full term, distance learning class.


Example3: POLI 1.05S

The "05S" section number indicates that it is a full term, face-to-face, community/civic engagement class.



Last Updated: 2/20/18