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Special Program Classes

Per Title 5, classes must be opened to all students for registration, the only restriction that can be placed on the classes are course prerequisites or requirements specified in the course outline. Restriction of a class to specific groups of students in special retention and success programs, such as Learning Community (LinC), First Year Experience (FYE), Puente, and Umoja, is allowed as long as a large portion of the same class is open to the general student population.

State and college requirements for special program classes:

  • Section number must end or contain: 
    • D for LinC class
    • P for Puente class
    • FY for First Year Experience class
    • MP for Math Performance class
    • SK for Sankofa class

  • Attendance accounting method:
    • W (Weekly) = 12-week face-to-face class during fall, winter, and spring
    • IW (Independent Daily) =  12-week hybrid or distance learning class during fall, winter, and spring quarters.

  • Registration Restriction (2 options)
    • Option #1: Indicate a restriction code in the Special Approval field of SSASECT Banner form. [This option requires clearance by division or A&R in the SFASRPO form for each class.]
    • Option #2: Indicate a restriction code in the Cohort Restriction field of SSARRES Banner form. [This option allows any students with the matching Cohort Restriction code in their profile to register for the class.]
  • Footnote stating what program the class is for and how students can enroll or find out more information.


ESL 262.01D (Low Advanced Reading)
MW 10:30 - 11:45 a.m.   Room: L83

Footnote: "ESL -262.-01D: LEARNING COMMUNITY: Requires concurrent enrollment in CRN# 22442 ESL 263.01D. Contact Matt Abrahams at if you have questions."


LART 211.P1D (Integrated Reading and Writing)
MW 10:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.  Room: L28

Footnote: "LART-211.-P1D: LEARNING COMMUNITY: Requires concurrent enrollment in CRN 21661 HUMA-020.-P1D. This offering is part of the Puente Program. For more information, visit or contact Jorge Morales at"


Last Updated: 12/19/16