Banner 9 is Here!

  • Why are we moving to Banner 9? We are currently using Banner 8; this software runs on Oracle database.  We access and input class data on the database through an interface called Oracle Forms;  we also know them as Banner 8 INB forms/screens, such as SSASECT, SIAASGN, SSAACCL, etc. Effective December 31, 2018 Oracle Corporation will no longer maintain and support the version of the Oracle Forms that Banner 8 INB forms/screens use.  Ellucian, the company that owns and develops Banner software, took this opportunity to stop using Oracle Forms altogether and move user access/input of data for Banner System to the web, this version of Banner is called Banner 9. 

  • What is Banner 9? Banner 9 has the same technical and database set up as Banner 8. It still runs on Oracle database, but instead of Banner INB forms/screens or Oracle Forms, we will be accessing and inputting class data via the web browser. Unlike Banner 8, Banner 9 does not require installation of Java software. It works with various browsers and platforms, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. According to reports from other colleges who are currently using Banner 9, the look and feel of Banner 9 is completely different from Banner INB forms/screens. It requires some time to learn and getting used to.
  • How will I learn Banner 9? The Scheduling Office held a few training sessions in February. If you missed the training and need one, please contact the scheduling coordinator or watch the following training video here.
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