Footnote is requirement by the State to provide additional clarification to students about the class.  All footnotes are entered through Electronic Curriculum Management System (ECMS) by the appropriate division offices. Please contact scheduling office by emailing to obtain access to footnote system.

A footnote is required for the following types of classes:

  • Off-campus classes: 

    Footnote must indicate the address of the off-campus location or it must provide instructor contact information if an address is not available.

Example: SPED-234Z-02F: This is a 12-week class, begins the week of September 26, 2016. This class is located at the Hope Services Alfred St. Site, 3080 Alfred St., Santa Clara, Ca. 95054

  • Less than 12 weeks during the fall, winter, and spring quarters:

    Footnote must indicate the start date and duration of the class.

Example 1: AUTO-060A-95: Meets six weeks beginning September 26.

Example 2: DMT-084A.-55: Accelerated class meets four days a week for six weeks beginning November 7th. This is the second of four classes available in the accelerated day program. See or call 408 864-8283 for more info.

  • Distance/online learning class:

    Footnote must indicate online learning information.

Example 1: ACCT-001A-62Z: Online Course with on-campus comprehensive end-of quarter exam. Students must have access to a computer, the Web and an individual e-mail address. Information on REQUIRED orientation available at

Example 2: BUS -055.-62Z Online Course. Students must have access to a computer, the Web and an individual email address. Information on REQUIRED orientation available at

  • Hybrid class:

    Footnote must indicate when the class meets face-to-face and when the instructor will be available online.

Example 1: ACCT-001A-03Y: Hybrid class, some online instruction. Approximately 20% of the class will be taught online. Access to the Internet required. Class meets physically T,Th 11:00am-12:50pm. Instructor will be available online Tues 10:00-11:00am.

Example 2: EWRT001A.01Y: Hybrid course. Access to the Internet is required. This class physically meets on Tuesdays in L46 from 7:30-9:45 a.m. This class also meets online on Mondays from 7:30-9:45 a.m.

  • Class for a captive group of students, such as Puente, LinC, Special Projects, etc.:

    Footnote must indicate what student success/retention program the class is for and provide contact information.

Example 1: HUMA-020.-P1D: Learning Community: Requires concurrent enrollment in LART-211-.P1D. This offering is part of the Puente Project. For more information, contact Yolanda Fernandez at

Example 2: LART 211.R1D - This is a LEARNING COMMUNITY. This class is part of the REACH Program. For more information please contact: Dawnis Guevara at or (408) 864-8555.

Please contact scheduling office for any further questions.

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