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Rose Martinez

The SSRS has opened many doors including this Peer Advisor job, With the SSRS and Puente, College would have been a lot more stressful in the sense that i would feel very lost without all the support I get here. For me SSRS is a place to find answers because there are counselors and everyone else around you are willing to help. I want to major in Business Administration. I want to transfer to UC Riverside, Cal Poly, SJSU or SDSU



Dario Sarmiento

SSRS is a community, culture and family that is created here at De Anza. For most of us it is a second home. We come here to study, connect, eat, and work with each other. The SSRS has given us tools to strive. I want to major in Latino Psychology. I want to transfer to either Santa Clara University or SJSU.



Vanessa Flanagan

The SSRS has benefited me by providing me with study rooms, tutors to help me with my classes and being able to talk to counselors when I need them without having to wait a long time. I want to major in LGBT Studies/Ethnic Studies. I also want to transfer to SFSU, Sand Diego State, UCSD, UCLA, or UC Berkeley.



Jonathon Pereira

The SSRS has benefited me because it is another home away from home. It is a great spot that has helped me in my classes and helped me make plenty of friends. I want to major in Nursing. I also want to transfer to either UCLA, Fullerton, or USD.



Liz Lizarrage

The SSRS gives me a place to study. It also gives me a place to talk and meet with people, get help with my homework and also to be more outgoing. I am going to major in English. I want to transfer to either UCSC or UCLA



Desiree Berdejo

My major is Woman Studies. The SSRS Center is useful to me because it provides me a place to print for free. The SSRS welcomed me with open arms my first year, not only was I new to college but I was also new to the Silicon Valley. Thanks to the programs under the SSRS umbrella I was able to meet my two closest friends and meet with different loving counselors who really care about students and make sure they are on track to follow their dreams.



Abel Hailemariam

The SSRS is a melting pot of different cultures and history making the community that much diverse. It has helped me because it has allowed me to see the world in a different spectrum through each student’s eyes. I want to major in Political Science. I also want to transfer to UCLA, UCSD and USD

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