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De Anza College offers the whole college experience. The diverse, dedicated students and faculty contribute to the vibrant campus environment in many ways -- Learning Communities, community and civic engagement and a strong commitment to social justice. Read about how De Anza students and faculty are making a difference. 


Ryan Barbour and Breanna Martinico


De Anza grads continue their wildlife studies at UC Davis. 

wildlife science

Marina Menendez-Pidal


“I went from being shy in high school to actually communicating with people, and helping the campus and the community,” Marina Menendez-Pidasaid of her time at De Anza. She received the DeHart Memorial Scholarship at the 2015 commencement ceremony.

marina pidal 

Jake D. Parent


De Anza grad Jake D. Parent recently published his first novel, “Only the Devil Tells the Truth.” Parent graduated in 2009 with an associate degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Social and Behavioral Sciences. He received the President’s Award at the ceremony.



jake d parent

Myah Rodriguez


Watch a video about Myah Rodriguez, a member of the Black Leadership Collective and student organizer for the Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action. 

myah rodriguez

Brian Romaine


Watch Brian Romaine, former co-president of Latina/o Empowerment at De Anza (LEAD), talk about his time at De Anza. 

Brian Romaine 

Juan Ruiz


Juan Ruiz received a $20,000 scholarship to UC Santa Cruz. He plans to study philosophy and eventually open a nonprofit law firm. 

juan ruiz

Luis Fernando Zuniga


At the 2015 commencement ceremony, Zuniga became the first college graduate in his family. Zuniga, recipient of the President’s Award, transferred to UCLA to study sociology and public health.


luis zuniga

Parjosh Sangha, A.S., Biological Sciences


Sangha participated in Honors Club and DASB. She transferred into the accelerated Pharm D. program at the University of the Pacific. “At De Anza I was given so many opportunities, and I tried to take advantage of as many as I could to expand and grow,” said Sangha.

parjosh sangha


Nicole Canete, A.A., Liberal Arts

Nicole Canete, recipient of the DeHart Memorial Scholarship, transferred to UC Berkeley to major in psychology. “Psychology is not a skill that is just used in one particular place, but rather it is used every day and in every relationship,” Canete said.


nykki canete 

Ben Pacho, A.A., Journalism


Pacho, winner of the President's Award, transferred to Columbia University to study political science. “I became politicized through my experience of being a first-generation college student,” Pacho said. “It became evident that struggles for socioeconomic betterment are political in nature.”

ben pacho

Tram Pham, A.A., Liberal Arts  


Pham received the Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Program Award to attend the University of California, Santa Cruz. “I am proud to say that De Anza College was my second home where I have found so much support,” said Pham.  

 tram pham


randy bryant 

Randy Bryant, Instructor, Auto Tech


Randy Bryant, head of the Automotive Technology Department, is proud of his students’ professionalism. “I love working with our students at De Anza College,” said Bryant. “I’m inspired by our students and their desire to learn and get ahead in life.”

jackie reza

Jackie Reza, Staff & Organizational Development


Whether teaching students or faculty, Jackie Reza encourages collaboration. In her 30 years at De Anza, she has counseled countless students, facilitated scores of workshops and taught courses in Women’s Studies and Human Development.


bob stockwell

Bob Stockwell, Instructor, Political Science


Bob Stockwell has been teaching political science at De Anza for 11 years and continues to be impressed by the passion and dedication of his students. “I can say without hyperbole, that our students are simply the best,” he said.

sal breiter 

Sal Breiter, Instructor, Humanities


Breiter received the League for Innovation John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award for his contributions in teaching and leadership. “It is my task to encourage students to identify the issues and problems that impact and matter to them the most," Breiter said. 

isaiah nengo

Isaiah Nengo, Instructor, Anthropology 


Nengo, a 2012-13 Fulbright Scholar, has been an instructor at De Anza since 2006. He earned his Ph.D in biological anthropology from Harvard University. “Anthropology in the past was used to classify people, but the discipline has done a lot to show the things that are common to us,” Nengo said.


janet takahashi


Janet Takahashi, Instructor, Disability Support Programs & Services


Takahashi recently retired after 40 years of teaching and advising students with learning disabilities. She was recognized by the League for Innovation for her contributions to students. “I only hope that I have taught my students as much about mathematics as they have taught me about courage, resourcefulness and persistence,” said Takahashi. 

jesus quintero

Jesus Quintero, Instructor, English


Quintero has taught English at De Anza since 2007. He teaches many First Year Experience students and dedicates himself to helping them grow. “Despite the obstacles we endure and the academic trauma left in its wake, there is still hope and potential,” Quintero said. 


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