Listening and Speaking Center

Listening and Speaking Center (LSC)

Workshop and Tutoring Sign-Up

To sign up for a workshop or tutoring session, click on the title of the workshop or the day of the tutoring session you'd like to attend.
  • You should sign up at least a day before. If you sign up, you must show up.
  • If the sign-up sheet is closed or the waitlist is full, you may come by the center to check if you can still join the workshop/tutoring session.
  • To read the instructions "How to sign up for a workshop/tutoring session" or "How to cancel your registration," please click here.


* Go directly to Tutoring Sign-Up
New sign-up sheets are posted every Thursday. 


Week 11

Click here to sign up for workshop

ANNOUNCEMENT: the LSC has changed the workshop sign-up system. Students can NOW sign up for MULTIPLE workshops all at ONCE. You NO LONGER need to make an account.

However, we will NOT send out any email reminder anymore. PLEASE make sure you mark the date and time on your schedule.

*Notice: the new system ONLY applies to workshop registration. Please use SignUpGenius for one-on-one tutoring. 


Tutoring - Limited to twice a day     


Listening and Speaking Center
Building: AT313 
Contact: Kanako Suda
Phone: 408.864.5385

Last Updated: 11/25/15