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Check back for the schedule for the Small Group Modules in the Fall 2014 quarter in the WRC:

Verbs Module - Choose from two times:

The Verbs Module will begin in the fall.

Vocabulary Module - Choose from two times:

The Vocabulary Module will begin in the fall.



Verbs Module -  four 50-minute sessions, once per week

Through discussions and exercises, the students will learn how to identify verbs, correct subject-verb agreement errors, use correct verb tenses, and practice proofreading skills.

Here's what students who completed the Verbs Module said:

  • "Usually we do not learn about verbs because there are so many things to learn. So this course was good because I could focus on one thing."
  • "It was very helpful. I thought I knew verbs but there was more I did not know."
  • "I could learn well because this is a small group."
  • "I know how to proofreading verbs when checking my essays."
  • "I am very clear with verb tense and subject-verb agreement now."
  • "I was able to ask questions and participate in the class."
  • "The class was comfortable for me. I didn’t have any stress."


Vocabulary Module - four 50-minute sessions, once per week

In this module students will read short stories and articles that will introduce them to new vocabulary.  Students will practice using dictionaries to learn the meanings and word forms of new words.  Through exercises and discussion, students will learn to use new vocabulary in sentences as well as discuss their understanding of the stories.  Students will also learn and practice annotation skills.

Here's what students who completed the Vocabulary Module said:

  • "The small group really helps!"
  • "I really liked it, and I think it should be required for every English class."
  • "Improved my vocabulary!"
  • "Loved it ... Great teacher kept me interested and very motivated."
  • "I learned a lot of vocabulary words from this course, and I will keep doing this."
  • "The group experience was great and made time fly by."
  • "I learned many new vocabulary and techniques to improve my vocabulary."

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