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Advanced Password Options 

Following the steps to create obfuscated phrase passwords is a “first step” to making sure you choose great passwords. Once you are comfortable with choosing difficult passwords, you may want to consider using one of the variant possibilities below to generate some even more difficult passwords:

  1. Leave out every x words from your initial phrase.  (e.g., every 4th word: t1DwwY$t¢).
  2. Repeat the phrase more than once. (e.g., t1DmwwYg$t¢t1DmwwYg$t¢).
  3. Append or prepend a salt value to your phrase: (e.g. append a salt value of “thx1138”: t1DmwwYg$t¢thx1138).
  4. Use a letter-word substitution, such as replacing “you” with “U” (e.g., t1dmwwUg$t¢).
  5. Spell out one or more of the words in your phrase during step 2 above (e.g., t1Dm@tterwh1¢hwYg$t¢).
  6. Be creative!  Come up with your own special twist.  Perhaps you use the 2nd letter of the 4th word of each line in your favorite song.  (simple e.g. using twinkle, twinkle little star: 1h0N1H).

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