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Accessibility at De Anza

Campus Accessibility

Accessibility signage with ramp

De Anza College is an accessible campus comprised largely of level terrain with many one-story buildings and elevator access to all two- and three-story buildings. The college campus map indicates general access features on campus, including

  • designated parking spaces for person with disability placards or plates
  • TTY locations,
  • elevators
  • paratransit drop off locations

Detailed area maps
provide information on the following access features. Each popup on the Campus Virtual Tour includes a link to the detailed area map for that building or area.

  • ramps,
  • lifts,
  • automatic doors,
  • unisex restrooms,
  • accessible computers,
  • pathway grades

Disability Support Services works with College Services to remediate barrier issues. Students who encounter a campus accessibility barrier can file a Barrier Report Form with Disability Support Services.


Disability Permit Parking

Designated Disability Parking Spaces (Blue "Handicapped" DMV Permit)
Accessible entrance

All parking lots at De Anza have designated blue "Handicapped" parking spaces. Persons with California State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) disability permits or placards are exempted from purchasing a De Anza College Parking Permit. They may park in these spaces, but should ensure their DMV placard is visible in the windshield at all times.

The extra-wide 'handicapped' stalls should be reserved for use by students in wheelchairs.

Staff Lots/Staff Space Parking

Students with disabilities may also park in any "staff" designated parking space on campus, but must display

  • a California State Department of Motor Vehicle state-issued "disability plate" or "placard." OR
  • a De Anza College 'D' parking permit issued from the Disability Support Services' office
The DMV placard or plate exempts a student from needing to display a De Anza Parking Permit while parking in Staff spaces, but "D" permits are only valid if displayed alongside the De Anza Parking Permit.

De Anza "D" (Disability) Parking Permits

Students whose disability impacts their mobility, but who may not have a DMV placard, can apply for a special temporary "D" sticker issued by DSS . This permits parking in staff lots and spaces, These are not permitted inn DMV designated disability spaces.

Students who use the De Anza College "D" sticker to park in staff spaces MUST also purchase and display the De Anza College Parking Permit.


General Parking Information

Visit the parking Web site for more information about parking lot locations and other general parking-related topics.

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