Web Publishing Guide

Web Publishing Guide

Web Publishing Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist faculty and staff in creating and maintaining their own Web sites within the De Anza College Web site. These guidelines will help the college maintain its unique identity and positive public image on the Web. The Web Publishing Guide is organized into three major areas:

  1. A description of the purpose and appropriate use of the college Web site
  2. What you need to know when creating your Web site
  3. A description of accessibility standards required by law.

It is important that you read this entire guide before you work on your Web site. The Web Team, comprised of the college Webmaster, Web content developer, and Web support technician, is available to help you with the process. Please contact a team member if you need support during any step of developing your Web site.

De Anza uses OmniUpdate, a browser-based, Web content management system that requires no software to be installed on your computer — for faculty, instructional division and department, and all other www.deanza.edu public Web sites.

Check out the OmniUpdate @ De Anza Web site for new information, resources and tips as we adopt OmniUpdate as our new Web content management tool campuswide.

Getting Started

If you want to create a new faculty or department Web site or convertyour existing De Anza Web site to the OmniUpdate tool, go to the Getting Started section to learn more, including training and account request.

If you want to develop a Web site available only for students enrolled in your class, contact Dave Garrido at garridodavid@deanza.edu in Online Education for more information.


Firefox Logo Note: Mozilla Firefox is the district standard Web browser software.
Free download for Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.

Web Publishing Guide
Contact: Web Team

Last Updated: 8/1/17