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Faculty Website Guide

Logging In to OU Campus

Steps to Log In

  1. With your browser, NAVIGATE to your Faculty Profile page (usually or the specific page that you want to edit.

    My Faculty Page example

  2. SCROLL to the bottom of the page to FIND and CLICK the Last Updated link.

    Last Updated Date Link

  3. TYPE your FHDA CWID and password, as you would for logging into MyPortal. You will receive an "Access Denied" error message if you do not have rights to edit the page, or the page may go blank.

    Login Box for single sign-on


Failed Logins and User Lockouts

If you incorrectly enter your login credentials more than three consecutive times, you will automatically be locked out of the OU Campus system. If this happens, email the to have the account unlocked.

Tip: Your username and password are both case-sensitive.

Faculty Web Site Guide
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Last Updated: 10/4/16