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Saving and Publishing Changes

After making content changes to a web page, you must first SAVE the changes before publishing.

Saving Changes

  • To save edits while working on a page, use the keyboard shortcut (PC: control + S) or (Mac: Command + S) to save your page without exiting the window with the WYSIWYG toolbar.
  • When done editing the page, CLICK the Save icon Save Icon on the WYSIWYG toolbar.

  • Note: When using MultiEdit to update your profile page, CLICK the Save button at the bottom of the MultiEdit form. You cannot use the keyboard shortcut to save changes while working in this mode.

Publishing Changes

  1. CLICK the Publish button at top of page. PublishThis will action will bring up a dialogue box.

  2. Optional: RUN a Final Check for spelling and links. You may also include a Version Description with a note about changes made.

  3. Required: CLICK Publish at bottom of dialogue box.
    Publish Box

  4. When publishing is complete, you'll see a message at the bottom of the page.
    View in New Window

  5. CLICK View in new window to see and test the changes in Production.


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Last Updated: 7/23/14