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OmniUpdate Account Pre-Test (Faculty Only)

If you prefer to bypass hands-on OmniUpdate Basic Training, read through the OmniUpdate @ De Anza Quick Guide and take this online test to determine a basic understanding of how to use OmniUpdate. Your test results will be sent to the Web Team.

The test questions are designed to determine if you can use the quick guide to perform the basic OmniUpdate functions that you need to build your faculty Web site. Once you begin to work on your pages, there are several resources available that will help you develop and maintain your Web site, including a searchable help center that is part of the OmniUpdate system.

The test will only provide an understanding of the very basic functions and ensure that you can use the quick guide to get the answers that you need. If you want to compare the test questions against topics that are covered in class, please see the Basic Training Outline.

Once you are set up with a Web site account, you may attend OmniUpdate open lab times for assistance. The Web Team will support your questions the best that we can through email communication but individual support is limited.

If you choose to request an account without training, you are welcome to sign up for training at a later date. Or if you prefer, go to Getting Started to sign up for training instead of taking the test.

Note: You must have a email account to take the test and request an account. If you've been given a account, is interchangeable with it.

Good luck!

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Select the correct answer for each question about the sections in the OmniUpdate @ De Anza Quick Guide.

All questions require an answer.

  1. Login: Which set of steps describes how to log in to OmniUpdate?

  2. Editing and Saving a Page: When done editing a section of a page, which icon must you click in order to save your changes?

  3. Editing and Saving a Page: When editing a page, if you close the browser window by accident before CLICKING the save icon, the edits will be automatically saved.

  4. Page Action Toolbar View: Which actions can you NOT take in the Page Action view?

  5. Publishing: When publishing a page, you must fill in the text field with a note about the changes that you made before you can CLICK the grey "Publish button."

  6. Adding Links: When creating a link to a document, which steps are optional?

  7. Uploading Files (PDFs and Images): Before uploading a file to a folder in OmniUpdate, which step(s) should you take?

  8. Adding Images: Which of these answers is incorrect: After you select an image using the Image icon tool,

  9. Adding New Web Pages: Which statement is false regarding creating new pages?

  10. The Toolbar: You can create Subheadings in your Web pages by using which Font Properties tool?

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Last Updated: 9/20/08