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Editing Image Appearance in a Web Page

You can make some adjusts to the image from within the Web page without the Insert/Edit Image tool.

  • SELECT and MOVE the image to the left margin of text area where you want the image placed. Depending upon the alignment, it will snap into place.
  • You can make the image smaller by selecting the image from the corner and dragging the image inward. If you try to resize the image so that it is larger, you will lose clarity in the image. It's best to upload the image at the largest size that you think you may want it to be.
Editing image appearance with the Insert/Edit Image Tool
  1. CLICK on the image. Make sure it is selected.
  2. CLICK on the Image Icon in the tool bar. The Image Manager box will appear with the existing image file and description information. If it doesn't, check that you selected the image and try again.
  3. CLICK on Appearance Tab.
  4. SELECT the alignment to left or right in most cases.
  5. SET the Constrain proportions box if you want to resize the image within the Page Editor Tool mode.
  6. SET the vertical and horizontal space to allow white space between the text above and to the sides of the image. The vertical spacing is relative to what is above and below. It the text will wrap, type in 2 and adjust later. The horizontal spacing is best at minimum 8.
  7. If you want a border around the image, TYPE 1 in the Border Box. Note: Do not include a border if you want to create an image link.
  8. LEAVE the style and class as is.
  9. REVIEW the preview box. Adjust spacing if needed.
  10. CLICK insert button. You will see your image placed in the page.

If you want to adjust the appearance again, follow the steps above.

If you want to replace the image, follow the insert image steps and adjust the appearance as necessary.

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