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AA-T/AS-T Transfer Degrees

Associate Degree for Transfer (SB 1440)

What is SB 1440?

In September 2010, former Gov. Schwarzenegger signed into law the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act, also known as SB 1440.  This joint initiative with the California Community Colleges and California State University puts the needs of our state’s students first.


The new Associate's Degree for Transfer program makes it easier for you to transfer from the California Community Colleges to the California State Universities (CSUs).

What is an AA-T or AS-T?

When you complete your AA-T or AS-T degree and meet the minimum eligibility requirements at De Anza, you are guaranteed priority admission consideration to the CSU system, though not to a specific campus.


This website is designed to explain the guarantee and help you identify an AA-T or AS-T degree at De Anza that is right for you.

What are the advantages of the AA-T/AS-T degree?

Research indicates Community college students generally transfer with an average of 80 semester units (or 120 quarter units) when only 60 semester units (or 90 quarter units) are required. And since not all of their courses transfer, they often need to retake their community college courses at the CSU.  AA-T/AS-T degrees minimize these redundancies.

Through the new program, your AA-T or AS-T gives you a special GPA advantage when you apply to a CSU impacted campus or program.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to enter the CSU system and complete a bachelor's degree program with only 120 semester (180 quarter) units if you apply and are admitted into a similar degree program.


Is the AA-T/AS-T suitable for me?

The AA-T/AS-T degree presumes that you will transfer to a CSU into an approved "similar" major and finish the remaining required coursework to earn a bachelor's degree at that CSU. AA-T/AS-T degrees prepare you for their degree's upper division coursework.

If you are applying to CSUs with an AA-T/AS-T degree, you are given priority admission consideration to the CSU system. Your transfer degree ensures admission to a bachelor's degree program similar to the AA-T/AS-T degree that you earned, but not to a specific CSU campus.


Find a CSU with an Approved Similar Major

STEP 1. Go to Explore Your Options on the CSU Student Transfer website.


STEP 2. Select search by Major of Interest, CCC College and CSU Campus — and then submit.


After you review the information on these pages, visit the Counseling and Advising Center or Transfer Center to learn more about how the joint transfer program can help you achieve your educational goals.


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