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About De Anza

Why De Anza?

What Makes De Anza Special?

De Anza College consistently ranks at or near the top statewide in community college transfers to the University of California, California State University, and private universities.

Our Athletics program includes 19 men's and women's intercollegiate teams with top scholar athletes. The teams combined have ranked #1 as Coast Conference All-Sports champions 19 times in 29 years!

Group of Students

Meet Our Students

The De Anza student body is as richly diverse as our course offerings and extracurricular activities. Most students are from local cities, although some come from more than 50 countries. We have one of the best international student programs around!

Celebrating cultural and ethnic diversity is part of the college's philosophy and is reflected in course material and at campus events and gatherings.

The college is known for its dynamic student activities program, which features successful intercollegiate athletic competitions, more than 60 student clubs and an active student government.

What Students Say About De Anza

"De Anza is the best community college in the area. It has the classes I need to transfer to UC Berkeley. The teachers are wonderful—they are experienced. I like the diversity of people here. The clubs do a good job of representing and bringing together different cultures and interests."
-Monica Krauth

"I came to De Anza to complete my general education requirements so I can transfer to a four-year college and get a degree in electrical engineering. It’s cheaper and people are friendly here. The students and faculty are accepting and make you feel at home."
-Terrell Mitchell

"I’m a high school student taking classes to accelerate and get ahead. De Anza seems like a good place to go. I plan to fulfill my general education requirements and transfer to a four-year college. I want to study medicine."
-Seema Bhatia

About De Anza
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Last Updated: 9/14/15