Accessing Your Computer Account

Current students registered for an Accounting and/or Computer Information Systems courses can use any computers located at ATC 203. Before you can use Windows on any of the computers, you must first create an account for the duration of the quarter. After you create your account, you can login using your username and password that you selected to do your homework.

Create Your Account

Outside the ATC building:

Access the Business, Computer Science and Applied Technologies Division website. Click on "Create Your Business/CS Computer Lab Account" button. Then proceed to Step 3 below.

In the ATC 203 Computer Lab and ATC Classrooms:

Go to any of the Windows computers and you should see the "Begin Login" dialog box.

While holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys, press the Delete key. Read the legal notice and then click "OK". You should see the logon information window. In the box that says "Username", enter the word hello. Leave the password blank, and select the "Business-CS" Domain if it is not already selected. Click "OK" after doing this procedure.

The Business/CS Account Request website will be displayed. Enter your 8-digit Student ID, 2-digit Birth Month, 2-digit Birth Day and 4-digit Birth Year. Click on "Submit for Account Creation".

The computer will now check to see if you are enrolled. When it finds you in the database, the next window will appear allowing you to make an account. If you just added a class, then you may get a message that says you are not in the current database -- please try again in one hour. If you still receive the message, please see a Lab Assistant for more information.

Read the Lab Rules now displayed on your screen. Click the check box in the lower left bottom corner to indicate that you accept and will participate. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your student account. In addition, read the complete Lab Rules so that you are familiar with them.

Choose a Login Name. Use of an inappropriate username will be penalized. We recommend using your first initial followed by your lastname. For example, jstudent for Joe Student. Enter a password that you will keep secret. The password will show up as *'s to keep it hidden. Type the password again to verify that you typed it correctly. Click to continue.

If your account has been successfully created, please close your browser. You need to wait at least 5-10 minutes to use your new account.

The computer will now log you out and return you to the Login Information dialog box. You may press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to login followed by your username and password that you just selected. Press the "OK" button to continue. Be sure to log out when you are finished. If you are not sure, ask a Lab Assistant.

You must save your documents in your home directory which is H: drive or on your own drive (USB). All files will be deleted at the end of the quarter. Also, DO NOT SAVE ANY FILES ON THE DESKTOP, otherwise they will be lost when you logout of your account.

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