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assessments are done on an individual basis, and a personalized plan of instruction is developed according to the student’s abilities and needs. The following services are available to eligible students: registration assistance, tutoring, specialized instruction, and campus and community liaison. Location: RSS 141
Telephone: 408.864.8838 Website:
The Hope-De Anza cooperative program is designed to serve adults with developmental disabilities who would benefit from a comprehensive rehabilitation and educational program. Training assists the individual in developing the attitudes, behaviors, work skills and self-confidence leading to competitive, supported or sheltered employment.
The program uses a team approach that considers the total individual, with emphasis on the development of an individualized and prescriptive vocational and educational plan.
3080 Alfred St., Santa Clara
1555 Parkmoor Ave., San Jose Telephone: 408.282.5012
Students create an educational plan in Degree Works, found on MyPortal. During orientation, new students learn how to create an abbreviated educational plan for their first one or two quarters. Students must then develop a comprehensive educational plan for three quarters or more. Both orientation and an educational plan are required steps in obtaining priority enrollment.
Students can also perform a degree audit in the Degree Works app on MyPortal, to see what courses they have completed and which requirements remain to be completed in order to finish their degree or certificate. Degree Works will indicate what percentage of their degree has been completed. This information may be used by the Financial Aid office to determine if students are on track to complete their degree and maintain their financial aid eligibility. Degree Works' educational plan function allows students or counselors to create a multi-quarter plan for registration, including their degree requirements. This plan may also be used by the Financial Aid office in appeals or to determine if a student has an approved plan on file.
Students who are considering a change of major can run “what if ” scenarios to compare their progress in other majors. A “change major” function is available in MyPortal if students find they are making better progress in a different major or program or wish to pursue a different area of study. Students can also change their educational goal in MyPortal.
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) provides support services for economically and academically disadvantaged students. Services include academic and personal counseling; assistance in completing admission, registration and financial aid forms; and early registration and university transfer services.
As part of EOPS, the Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program provides support services to single heads of household receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). CARE students receive academic and personal counseling, early registration and financial assistance with child care, books and transportation.
Location: Campus Center, Lower Level Telephone: 408.864.8950
The Office of Equity, Social Justice and Multicultural Education (Equity Office) promotes an academic, cultural and social environment that supports equity, social justice and academic success for all members of the campus community. The Equity Office has expanded the mission of fostering a climate of healthy diversity that values individual and group differences and respects the perspectives of others by working to eliminate barriers that perpetuate inequity, injustice and mono-cultural education. The office works to deepen acceptance and understanding of diverse cultural and ethnic groups, including racial, gender, LGBTQQI+, religious, differently abled, and economic and political affinity groups.
More information on student equity and the Equity Office is available on page 7 and online.
Location: MLC 250
Telephone: 408.864.5636
Email: Website:
The Euphrat Museum of Art, located at the front of the Visual & Performing Arts Center, presents engaging exhibitions and educational materials that provide a resource of visual ideas and a platform for communication. It is a forum of ideas about art expressed through one-of-a- kind exhibitions and events. Nationally recognized, the Euphrat program:

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