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this advanced certificate must be on the approved list during the year in which they were taken.
Important: The Certificate of Achievement-Advanced differs from the IGETC "certification form" required by most UC and CSU campuses to verify completion of lower division General Education work. Not all criteria required for the advanced certificate applies to this IGETC "certification."
Upon enrolling in final course requirements and receiving conditional admission to the university, students must submit a request for certification to the De Anza College Admissions and Records Office. IGETC certification request forms are available at the Admissions and Records Office and online at deanza. edu/counseling/forms.
*A college or specific program may specify full IGETC certification is required for admission under certain conditions. Students should meet with a De Anza counselor or academic adviser to determine if IGETC is the best option to meet their specific transfer goals.
(For UC Option) Demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English and knowledge of the associated history and culture, at the level achieved through two years of high school study.
Program Learning Outcomes: Upon completion, students will be able to
• Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
• Critically analyze and problem-solve using applicable
techniques, incorporating the appropriate use of logic, mathematical and quantitative reasoning concepts, scientific theories, data, and the scientific method, while considering value systems and ethics associated with human inquiry
• Critically examine the interrelationship between the self and the creative arts and of the humanities in a variety of cultural and historical perspectives, through the study of the arts, history, literature, philosophy and foreign languages
• Critically analyze issues in their contemporary and historical settings and in a variety of cultural contexts, while exploring the principles, methodologies, value systems and ethics employed in social scientific inquiry
1. Meet the requirements for this certificate level. 2. Complete the following.
See IGETC pattern found at requirements.
Note: This is an exception to the Certificate of Achievement-Advanced Requirements. The requirements are stated within the description.
Total Units Required .............................. 47-61
Women's Studies
Certificate of Achievement
The Certificate of Achievement in Women’s Studies prepares students to be well-informed community leaders, agents of
change in the workplace, and responsible participants in civic life in general, especially in spaces and circumstances that directly impact women and members of the LGBTQ community. Students completing this certificate are prepared to transfer their credits to universities that emphasize Women’s Studies and civic engagement, work as an entry-level community organizer or as a staff person at a nonprofit organization
that serves women or members of the LGBTQ community. Students who plan to pursue a transfer degree can use the skills obtained to analyze the social forces at work in, and to take leadership in, their areas of work or study. Campuses that offer a baccalaureate major or related majors include University of California, Santa Barbara; University of California, Berkeley; and University of California, Riverside.
Program Learning Outcomes: Upon completion, students will be able to
• Analyze the social processes that foster inequality and
disempowerment for women, women of color, and members of the LGBTQ community, as well as those social processes that challenge inequality and lead to empowerment of those same populations
• Analyze the ways that social processes are amenable to transformation through strategic planning and constituent mobilization
• Apply leadership skills, such as group facilitation, strategic planning, consensus-building and generating buy-in from community stakeholders, with the aim of fostering social justice and empowerment, particularly for women and members of the LGBTQ community
1. Meet the requirements for this certificate level.
2. Complete the following.
WMST 1 Introduction to Women’s Studies 4 WMST 8 Women of Color in the USA 4
Complete four courses: 16
or WMST 9H
Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies (4) Women and Art (4)
also listed as ARTS 3TC
Women in American History (4)
also listed as HIST 9
Women in American History - HONORS (4)
also listed as HIST 9H
Psychology of Gender (4)
also listed as PSYC 12
Women in Literature (4)
also listed as ELIT 21
Asian American Pacific Islander Women (4) Women and Gender in Global Perspectives (4) Introduction to Black Feminism (4)
La Mujer: Latina Life and Experience (4) Women and Gendered Violence (4)
Sociology of Gender (4)
also listed as SOC 28
Masculinities in U.S. Culture and Society (4) Women and Popular Culture (4)
Women and Philosophy (4)
also listed as PHIL 49
Total Units Required ....................................24

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