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LinC (Learning in Communities) uses a nationally recognized interdisciplinary approach to learning, designed for student success, that links two or more classes together with common themes, content and materials. The community of students and faculty work collaboratively, creating a friendly, supportive atmosphere. LinC courses are open to all De Anza students.
When students enroll in LinC, they:
■ Have some common readings and
assignments in the linked courses
■ Have academic and personal support
from a counselor dedicated to LinC
■ Learn more and earn more units with
less stress and more fun
LinC courses are identified in the schedule of classes with the letter D at the end of the course number.
The MPS program has award-winning success rates in working with students who have experienced challenges with math. Through a dynamic community of learners, teachers and counselors, students discover effective ways to improve in algebra and statistics.
MPS provides support through a team approach:
■ Specialized instruction in a supportive environment
■ Academic counseling in and out of class
■ Free tutoring in and out of class
■ Extra class time
STEM Jumpstart includes mentorship, field trips, workshops and the following courses.
■ MATH 31: Precalculus I
■ MATH 42: Precalculus II
(This course will become MATH 32
in winter quarter)
■ MATH 43: Precalculus III
(This course will be phased out in
spring quarter) Location: S31
Telephone: 408.864.8800
The Men of Color Community (MC2) helps students build community and lasting connections through peer mentoring and tutoring, workshops and special events. The program also offers academic advising, transfer assistance and help in maintaining priority enrollment. Students learn the skills to succeed in college and beyond. Location: RSS 127
Telephone: 408.864.5780 Email: Website:
Puente is an award-winning national program that helps students reach their dreams, including transfer to four-year colleges and universities, by providing them with three main areas of service in a supportive and stimulating environment.
■ English instruction – Puente students take three consecutive writing classes that provide
a supportive and stimulating environment with an emphasis on developing writing skills through an exploration of the Mexican American/Latino experience.
■ Counseling – Students work with a counselor to identify their goals, develop an academic educational plan and explore career options. Students visit four-year institutions including University of California campuses and attend an annual Puente conference.
■ Mentors – Puente students are matched with an academically and professionally successful mentor from the community. The network of trained Puente mentors provides many resources for Puente students, their families, their colleges and the community.
Location: LCW 102
Telephone: 408.864.8552
Email: Website:
REACH is a supportive network of instructors, counselors and coaches dedicated to student-athlete success. Student-athletes work in a team environment taking linked classes in reading, writing, humanities and counseling.
Telephone: Email: Website:
Dawnis Guevara, REACH Coordinator 408.864.8555
This program is based on an African- centered philosophy that enables students to see themselves within a positive historical and cultural context. It seeks to educate the whole student – body, mind and spirit – through the construction of knowledge and critical thought. Students receive supportive services and take courses with perspectives from across the African Diaspora. Location: LCW 102
Email: Website:
VASCONCELLOS INSTITUTE FOR DEMOCRACY IN ACTION (VIDA) Students participating in VIDA become leaders in their communities, engaging in experience-based learning in the classroom, workplace environments and other communities and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. Students also have the option of earning a leadership certificate. More information is available on page 7 and online.
Location: Contact:
Telephone: Email: Website:
East Cottage Cynthia Kaufman, Faculty Director 408.864.8739
 Email: Website:
The renovated Library contains resources for students including books, e-books, periodicals and DVDs. The building has wireless access, 162 computer workstations, 11 group study rooms, and a laptop and graphic calculator checkout program. Electronic resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using the library website as a starting point, users can access e-books, scholarly articles, streaming videos and other materials. Databases such as EBSCOHost Academic Search Premier, Films on Demand, Proquest Research Library, Literature Resource Center, Lexis- Nexis and Encyclopedia Britannica are available from off campus.
The Library offers a series of online classes,

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