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  Units Units Use the columns located to the right to track units in-progress/planned and completed: IP/P = In-Progress/Planned C = Completed IP/P C
No more than 2 units of DANC/KNES/P E/PEA activity courses may apply.
     Non-Activity Courses: BUS 56
C D 64
COMM 16, 16H CIS 2#
Dance (DANC) Activity Courses:
HIST 9#, 9H#
HUMA 10#, 10H#, 20, 30#
HUMI 16#
KNES 45, 47#, 50A (3 units), 51A (3 units), 52 (3 units),
53, 55, 90, 91
PSYC 8#, 9#, 12#, 14#, 51# WMST 1#, 9#, 9H#, 12#
            DANC 22, 22K, 22L, 22M, 23A, 23B, 23C, 23L, 23M, 23N, 24A, 24B, 24C, 25A, 25B, 37A, 37B, 37C
Kinesiology (KNES)/Physical Education (P E) Activity Courses:
KNES 1A, 1B, 1C, 1CX, 1D, 1DX, 2A, 2AX, 2B, 2BX, 5A, 5AX, 5B, 5BX, 6A, 6AX, 7A, 7AX, 9A, 9AX, 9B, 9BX, 11A, 11AX, 11B, 11BX, 12D, 12DX, 12E, 12EX, 12G, 12H, 12HX, 12J, 12JX, 15A, 15AX, 15C, 15CX, 15E, 15EX, 15EY, 15F, 15FX, 16A, 16AX, 16AY, 17A, 17AX, 19A, 19AX, 19B, 19BX, 19D, 19DX, 19E, 19EX, 19G, 19GX, 20A, 20AX, 22A, 22AX, 22B, 22BX, 22C, 22CX, 22D, 22DX, 22E, 22EX, 25A, 25AX, 25B, 25BX, 26A, 26AX, 26B, 26BX, 29A, 29B, 30A, 30B, 30BX, 30C, 31A, 31AX, 31B, 31BX, 31C, 31CX, 31J, 31JX, 31K, 31KX, 32A, 32AX,32B, 32BX, 32C, 32CX, 32D, 32DX, 32E, 32EX, 32F, 32FX, 36A, 36AX, 37A, 37AX, 37B, 37BX, 37C, 37CX, 37D, 37DX, 37E, 38A, 38AX, 38B, 38BX, 38C, 38CX, 38D, 38DX, 39A, 39AX, 39B, 39BX, 39C, 39CX, 39DX, 40A, 40AX, 40B, 40BX, 40C, 40CX, 41A, 41AX, 41B, 41BX, 41C, 41CX, 42C, 42CX, 50AL, 51AL
P E 32B, 32BX, 32F, 32G, 32H, 32HX, 32I, 32IX, 32J, 32JX, 32K, 32L, 32LX, 32M, 32MX, 32N, 32P, 32S, 32SX, 32T, 32W, 38W, 38WX, 38WY, 39M, 39MX, 39MY, 39W, 39WX, 39WY, 40, 40X, 40Y, 41, 41X, 41Y, 42W, 42WX, 42WY, 43, 43X, 43Y, 44M, 44MX, 44MY, 44W, 44WX, 44WY, 45, 45X, 45Y, 46, 46X, 46Y, 47M, 47MX, 47MY,47W, 47WX, 47WY, 48M, 48MX, 48MY, 48W, 48WX, 48WY
Physical Education - Adapted (PEA) Activity Courses:
PEA 1, 1X, 1Y, 1Z, 2, 2X, 2Y, 2Z, 4, 4X, 4Y, 4Z, 5, 5X, 5Y, 5Z, 6Y, 15, 15X, 15Y, 15Z
Other Course: ______________________________ College: ______________________________ *CLEP Credit: _______ Qtr. Units: ______
AFAM 10#, CHLX 10#
Other Course+: ______________________________ College: ______________________________ Qtr. Units: ______
Total Units for Areas A - F (Minimum 58 Quarter Units):
# - Courses listed in two areas can be counted in only one area.
* - For the CSU External Exam Credit information, go to:  - The new Area F requirement and changes to Area D are effective Fall 2021 and subsequent catalog years for students who have not previously been enrolled continuously at a campus of CSU or the California Community Colleges (CCC). For purposes of this section, continuous enrollment is defined as attendance in at least one semester or two quarters per calendar year at a CSU or CCC or a combination of the two.
+ - Courses from other colleges must be approved by CSU for Area F.
    AREA F: ETHNIC STUDIES 4 Quarter Units Select 1 course
Students with fall 2021 or later catalog rights are required to complete Area F for full CSUGE certifi cation. Those with catalog rights prior to fall 2021 are not required to complete Area F, but 12-15 quarter units in Area D (from at least 2 disciplines) are required if Area F is not completed.
       UNIT REQUIREMENT: If needed, select additional course(s) from Areas A - F above to meet the minimum 58 quarter units required for certification.
      The U.S. History, Constitution, and American Ideals (AI) is a CSU graduation requirement, not required for certification. CSU generally recommends that AI be completed before transfer and this requirement may be fulfilled by completing 2 courses:
POLI 1/1H and one of the following U.S. History courses: HIST 17A/17AH or 17B/17BH or 17C/17CH
POLI 1/1H may be applied to Area D and HIST 17A/17AH, 17B/17BH, or 17C/17CH may be applied towards Area C or Area D. However, it is at the discretion of each CSU campus to allow courses to double count towards both AI and GE requirements.

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