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Student Election Campaign Materials

Below are the campaign materials for all the candidates for the 2021-2022 Student Elections.

Individual Candidates and Coalitions are listed in Alphabetical Order

Individual Candidates

Helya Bahari

Vote Helya Bahari
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Image Text: Vote Helya Bahari - Student Services and Feedback - I will foster a community where you can feel Engaged and have A SAY in how our student services are run - Vote online at Monday, February 22 (6:00 am) to Friday, March 5 (4:00 pm)

How You Feel Matters
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Image Text: How You Feel Matters - It always helps to talk to fellow students. - WE ALL need to feel a sense of belonging in college right now. - Help me improve our student life, VOTE - - Helya Bahari Student Services and Feedback - Voting will take place online from Monday, February 22, 2021 6:00 am to Friday, March 5, 2021 4:00 pm

Helya Bahari for Student Services and Feedback Campaign Video on YouTube

Nicole Howard

Nicole Howard
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Image Text: Vote for Me! - Your voice counts - Nicole Howard - Ballot # 17 - Running for 2021-2022 DASB Chair of Flea Market - Check out my goals: - I aim to improve interpersonal skills while building a diverse yet united Flea Market, in
which everyone is valued. - Vote for me online at Monday, February 22, 2021 6:00 am - Friday, March 5, 2021 4:00 pm.


Number One Coalition

Vote for Number One Coalition
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Image Text: Vote for Number One Coalition - Anahi Ruvalcaba, President - Sarah Morales, Vice President - Laurenn Latterell, Chair of Student Services and Feedback - Ivy Sim, Chair of Finance

Number One Coalition Campaign Video on YouTube

Vote for Anahi
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Image Text: De Anza - Vote for Anahi for President - Initiative, Attentive, Advocate

Lauren Latterell Student Services and Feedback
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Image Text: Lauren Latterell - ballot # 8 - Student Services & Feedback - Committed to ensure your voice is heard and provide you the services you need to succeed in your journey at De Anza College - Making a positive impact in your life on a daily basis - Find out more on @number1coalition

My Vision - Lauren Latterell
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Image Text: Lauren Latterell for Student Services and Feedback, #8 - "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows" Sydney J. Harris - Vote at - Voing begins Feb 22 @ 6AM and ends March 5 @ 4PM - My Vision: My vision for us in our future as students is to utilize our rights and have access to the services provided to us at De Anza College. I want each and every student to feel that they are given the support to fulfill any challenges you face. I see our bright future consisting of mutual respect and dignity for our classmates. I envision equality across the campus and for me to address and solve any issues you may come across in your years attending De Anza. I want to leave you all feeling confident in yourselves and not just attending school, but falling in love with the process of gaining an education to grow.

Website for Lauren Latterell for Student Services and Feedback, Ballot #8

Phoenix Coalition

Phoenix Coalition Campaign Video on YouTube

Campaign Video for Justin Toh on YouTube

Phoenix Coalition General Flyer
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[See Image Text Below]

Image Text:



Our Mission is to promote equity, diversify the senate, advocate for affordable student housing, and increase financial aid opportunities for all De Anza students.


Khoa-Nathan Ngo (he/him)
President, Ballot #3

Fiza Syed (she/her)
Vice-President, Ballot #3


Sharon Utomo (she/her)
Finance, Ballot #5

Seong min Bae (he/him)
Student Services and Feedback, Ballot #6

Sunnie Chen (she/her)
Marketing and Communications, Ballot #9

Luiza Eloy (she/her)
Equity and Diversity, Ballot #11

Catherine Le (she/her)
Programs and Events, Ballot #14

Afizah Ghazali (she/her)
Environmental Sustainability, Ballot #15

Erin Valdecanas (she/her)
Legislative Affairs, Ballot #16

Justin Toh (he/him)
Flea Market, Ballot #18


Saskia Latievarya (she/her), Ballot #19

Joandra Teja (she/her), Ballot #20

Preena Patel (she/her), Ballot #21

Anya Bergstrom (she/her), Ballot #22

Rose Chan (she/her), Ballot #23

Adel Burieva (she/her), Ballot #24

Charlaine Jo (she/her), Ballot #25

Alexander Tjahjadi (he/him), Ballot #27

Anita Chamraj (she/her), Ballot #28

Christy Fan (she/her), Ballot #31

Luke Makinson (they/them), Ballot #31

Aki Baidya (he/him), Ballot #32

Sara Sangari (she/her), Ballot #33

Dmitri Yanovsky (he/him), Ballot #34

Karin Budi (she/her), Ballot #35


Michelle Fernandez (she/her)
Student Trustee, Ballot #1



Be Reminded:

Instagram: phoenix.deanza

VOTING PERIOD: Monday, February 22, 2021 6:00 am to Friday, March 5, 2021 4:00 pm

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