De Anza Dialogues

We are excited to announce our podcast starting in Fall 2020. These podcasts will cover a verity of subjects that are pertinent to De Anza and general community college students. We want to hear your voice - sign up now to be a participant on our upcoming podcasts! 

We are planning five podcasts open to students in Fall 2020 as follows:

Podcast 1

Podcast 1 - Unconventional Community College Students

Record Podcast 1 on September 27th

Release Podcast 1 on October 1st

Podcast 2

Podcast 2 - Stigma of Community College

Record Podcast 2 on October 3rd

Release Podcast 2 on October 8th

Podcast 3

Podcast 3 - Mentors in Media

Record Podcast 3 on October 17th

Release Podcast 3 on October 23rd

Podcast 4

Podcast 4 - Struggles for Community College Students during COVID

Record Podcast 4 on October 31st

Release Podcast 4 on November 5th

Podcast 5

Podcast 5 - Leadership Opportunities at De Anza

Record Podcast 5 on November 14th

Release Podcast 5 on November 19th

Podcast 6

Podcast 6 - International Students

Record Podcast 6 on November 28th

Release Podcast 6 on December 3rd

De Anza Dialogues

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