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The De Anza LatinX Association will honor, cultivate and leverage the collective power, contributions, inclusivity and excellence of Latinx culture, knowledge, and wisdom.
In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter
As we take time to celebrate your academic achievements tonight, we acknowledge the oppression of our Black brothers and sisters – our familia. The state violence rooted in this nation’s racism is killing loved ones and friends. As you start your next chapter, remember that this struggle will only be overcome if we work together and in solidarity with Black lives, and dismantle the systems that were created to keep people of color from rising.
In Solidarity With Our Asian and Pacific Islander Comunidad
We have witnessed the recent alarming rise in assaults against the Asian American and Pacific Islander local communities, and we as the De Anza LatinX Association strongly condemn these racist and violent attacks against our brothers, our sisters, our siblings – our relatives. As we work toward ending systematic racism, discrimination and other systems of oppression, we are resolved to work toward a more equitable and inclusive society and to protect one another in the process.
A Message to the Graduates
On behalf of the De Anza LatinX Association (DALA) faculty and staff members, we would like to send
our sincere congratulations to our 2021 graduating class! This class has triumphed through some difficult times by successfully completing your academics virtually at De Anza College while fighting a global pandemic. Nevertheless, like our ancestors, our LatinX students have been resilient, persistent and continue to pave the way for those that follow in generations to come. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see the change you will create in our community.
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021!
Un Mensaje para los Graduados
¡Departe de la facultad y personal de De Anza LatinX Association (DALA), queremos desearles las más sinceras felicidades a la clase del 2021! Este grupo de estudiantes ha triumfado tiempos muy difíciles, terminando
sus cursos de De Anza en forma virtual por mientras que nuestro mundo es afectado por una pandémia. Sin embargo, como nuestros ancestros, nuestros estudiantes LatinX han resistido, han persivido, y están allando el camino para las generaciones que los siguen. Estamos tán orgullosos de ustedes, y no podemos esperar ver el cambio que van a crear en nuestra comunidad.
¡Felicidades a las clase del 2021!

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