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Presentation on EOPS by Melecia Navarro and Chuong Le, EOPS

Presentation on Faculty Inquiry Tool and Multiple Measures Assessment by Mallory Newell, Institutional research.

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A news article based on PPIC research

Tool created by Sierra College to place students

Tool created by College of Alameda

Presentation on the tool created by College of Alameda

Report on Intermediate Algebra student workbook By Doli Bambhania, Faculty, De Anza College

Presentation on Jumpstart Language Arts program By Jumpstart Implementation team


'Embedding basic skills support into face-to-face and online resources' presentation - Barbara Illowsky, Dean of Basic Skills & OER, OEI presented at the BSI Coordinators meeting in April 2016

DARE Newsletter Winter 2016

2015-16 Basic Skills Annual Report

2015-16 Student Equity Initiative and Plan Overview 25 Nov 2015

DeAnza Student Equity Plan 30 Nov 2015

DA Multiple Measures Pilot 19 Oct 2015

DA Basic Skills Report - Institutional Research at DARE General Meeting on May 20,2015

DARE Presentation key at DARE General Meeting on May 20,2015

Presentation on Faculty Research Portal at DARE General Meeting on Jan 21, 2015

DARE Presentation at DARE Retreat on June 12, 2015

RP group Student Success Redefined Research Framework

BSI-DARE Presentation to the Academic Senate 2014

Data for Inreach Fact Sheet

Fall 2014 Newsletter

2013-14 Basic Skills Annual Report


Better Pathways by Uri Treisman

Joyful Conspiracy by Uri Treisman

Non-cognitive Interventions for Academic Success

DRAFT of the Student Success Task Force Recommendations Report

Summary of the Student Success Task Force Recommendations

Survey of Student Success Task Force DRAFT Recommendations

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Math Department Retreat- NEW

Math Kombat- NEW

Puente - NEW

Reading - NEW

Title III 2012 Annual Performance Report (APR) 

Title III 2011 Annual Performance Report (APR) 

Title III 2010 Annual Performance Report (APR)

BSI 2011-12 Basic Skills Allocation Final Report & 2012-13 Action & Expenditure Plans

BSI 2010-11 Basic Skills Allocation End-of-Year Report & 2011-12 Action & Expenditure Plans

2010-11 BSI Action Plans

Title III ESL Support Workshops June 2012

Title III Reorganizing the Student Success Center June 2012

Innovations 2012 Conference Presentation:  Steering Ships: Institutional Efforts to Serve Students in Developmental Education - PDF

Innovations 2012 Conference Presentation:  Steering Ships: Institutional Efforts to Serve Students in Developmental Education - PPT 

DARE Assessment Practices Report 

Feedback on the Assessment Practices DRAFT Report:


De Anza Math Performance Success (MPS) Program's presentation at the CalDE Conference Picture of the MPS program logo


DARE Update 12.1.2010 (PDF)

DARE Overview Powerpoint (PDF) 

DARE Overview Powerpoint (.ppt)

Fall 2014

Winter 2011

Spring 2012

Note to Educators: Hope Required When Growing Roses in Concrete--a lecture by Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade from the Harvard Educational Review (Also presented at the SSS conference):

In this lecture, Jeff Duncan-Andrade explores the concept of hope, which was central to the Obama campaign, as essential for nurturing urban youth. He first identifies three forms of “false hope”—hokey hope, mythical hope, and hope deferred—pervasive in and peddled by many urban schools. Discussion of these false hopes then gives way to Duncan-Andrade’s conception of “critical hope,” explained through the description of three necessary elements of educational practice that produce and sustain true hope. Through the voices of young people and their teachers, and the invocation of powerful metaphor and imagery, Duncan-Andrade proclaims critical hope’s significance for an education that relieves undeserved suffering in communities.

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