Day and Time: Wednesdays, 6:00 pm (or shortly after the 4:00 pm DASB Senate Meeting ends)

Location (if on campus): Student Council Chambers

Zoom Link (if online):

*Note: Fall Quarter 2020 meetings take place fully online.

Reach Us At


Katelyn Pan

Primary Advisors

Hyon Chu Yi-Baker and Dennis Shannakian and

Secondary Advisors

Maritza Arreola and Mohamed Geshash and

A Message from the President

Hello all! I'm Katelyn Pan and I'm looking forward to serving as Chair of Executive Advisory in addition to my role as President of DASB this year. I'm passionate about ensuring that all student voices at De Anza are heard and represented, and my objective is to set goals that align with meeting student needs. I want to help foster a sense of community despite physical distance, so that our student body is interconnected by a support system.

What does the Executive Advisory Committee do? Function/Role of the Executive Advisory Committee

This committee defines is primary goal as creating a set of goals for the DASB Senate, amending them as necessary for the purpose of guiding the Senate's work. Additionally, this committee will track goals of committees and individuals and coordinate the progress of projects performed by the Senate and Ad Hoc Committees. Lastly, the Executive Advisory Committee can author policies and procedures crucial to its function but not explicitly in any bylaws or codes, forwarding them to the Senate for approval.


DASB Senate Bylaws

Committee Membership

  • DASB President (Chair)
  • DASB Vice President (Vice Chair)
  • DASB Chair of Finance
  • DASB Chair of Student Rights and Services
  • DASB Chair of Marketing and Communications
  • DASB Chair of Diversity and Events
  • DASB Chair of Environmental Sustainability
  • DASB Chair of Legislative Affairs
  • DASB Chair of Flea Market
  • DASB Chair of Student Feedback
  • And the following non-voting members
    • Chairs of Ad Hoc Committees
    • Advisors

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Attachments

Online Agendas, Minutes, and Attachments

Agendas are also posted on the bulletin board on the lower level of the Hinson Campus Center across from the DASB Senate Office.

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