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*Note: Fall Quarter 2020 meetings take place fully online.

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Kimberly Lam


Hyon Chu Yi-Baker

Message from the Chair of Student Rights & Services

Hi everyone!! Welcome :)
My name is Kimberly Lam and I'm the 2020-2021 Chair of Student Rights and Services. I'm currently a second-year at De Anza studying Political Science and Voice Performance! I've always been passionate in fighting for student needs and concerns, and economic and racial justice, and started being involved with VIDA's Public Policy School program in Fall 2019.

Through my experience as a PPS intern and fighting for housing needs, community college support, and student rights and needs at De Anza, I decided to run for Chair of SRS and continue to work to create positive change through representing students with DASB! SRS as a Committee, along with any political advocacy work at De Anza wields immense power for change, and I invite you all to join me!! SRS is always taking new interns and would love your input. Please also reach out to communicate your needs, so that I can better serve you and our community!

What does Student Rights & Services do?

SRS strives to represent and raise up student voices on campus, help students access and understand the services available at De Anza, and communicate student needs to the DASB Senate and beyond. Some pertinent issues currently are adjusting to online classes and unique struggles due to the pandemic (which includes the continued fight for basic needs support for housing/food/transportation insecure students), racial and educational justice, and support for international students.

On top of representing/ raising student voices and sharing resources and services on campus, SRS also hosts the Student Resource Fair event, works to improve services, and handles Student Concerns boxes, where students can submit any problems or concerns they may have (this may be online for the time being).

Function/Role of the Student Rights & Services Committee

Increase awareness on campus about important issues/concerns
Educating students about services provided at De Anza
Creating and conducting programs/services to facilitate the well-being of students
Providing opportunities for student voices/concerns to be heard and taking lead in ensuring concerns are addressed in DASB Senate


DASB Student Rights and Services Code

Committee Membership

  • DASB Chair of Student Rights and Services
  • At least two (2) additional DASB Senators
  • and the following non-voting members
    • Interns
    • Advisor

Meeting Agenda

Please see Bulletin Board on the Lower level of campus center or the bottom of the DASB homepage.

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