Below are all the Internal DASG Senate Committee Assignments and External Shared Governance Committee Assignments for the DASG Senate.  Click on the committee's name to go to its website.

Internal DASG Senate Committee Assignments

DASG Finance Committee

  • Sharon Utomo (Chair)
  •  (Vice Chair)
  • Anahi Ruvalcaba

DASG Student Services and Feedback Committee

  • Helya Bahari (Chair)
  •  (Vice Chair)

DASG Marketing and Communications Committee

  • Sunnie Chen (Chair)
  •  (Vice Chair)

DASG Equity and Diversity Committee

  • Luiza Eloy (Chair)
  •  (Vice Chair)

DASG Programs and Events Committee

  • Catherine Le (Chair)
  •  (Vice Chair)

DASG Environmental Sustainability Committee

  • Afizah Ghazali (Chair)
  • (Vice Chair)

DASG Legislative Affairs Committee

  • Erin Valdecanas (Chair)
  •  (Vice Chair)

DASG Flea Market Committee

  • Justin Toh (Chair)
  •  (Vice Chair)

DASG Elections Committee

  • Sarah Morales (Chair)
  • (Vice Chair)

DASG Executive Advisory Committee

  • Anahi Ruvalcaba (Chair)
  • Sarah Morales (Vice Chair)
  • Sharon Utomo
  • Helya Bahari
  • Sunnie Chen
  • Luiza Eloy
  • Catherine Le
  • Afizah Ghazali
  • Erin Valdecanas
  • Justin Toh
  • ICC
  • Michelle Fernandez

External Shared Governance Committee Assignments

Academic Calendar Exploration and Feasibility Analysis (ACEFA) Task Force

Academic Senate

Administrative Planning and Budget Team (APBT)

Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) Campus Council

Budget Task Force

  • Fiza Syed

Campus Center Advisory Board

Campus Facilities

Chancellor's Advisory Council

  • Anahi Ruvalcaba

Classified Senate

College Council

  • Anahi Ruvalcaba

College Planning Committee

Curriculum Committee

District Budget Advisory Committee (DBAC)

District Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee (DDEAC)

Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC)

Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Equity Action Council (EAC)

Guided Pathways Core Team

Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT)

Inter Club Council (ICC)

Police Chief's Advisory Committee (PCAC)

Student Health Advisory Committee

Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC)

Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)

Technology Committee

Women, Gender and Sexuality Center Advisory Council
(formerly Jean Miller Resource Room (JMRR) Advisory Council)

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