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Location (if on campus): DASB Lounge

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Zain Mustafa


Dayna Swanson

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Message from the Chair of Environmental Sustainability

Hi everyone! My name is Zain, and I am really excited to be your Chair of Environmental Sustainability this year. I want to build up the De Anza community around the common goal of promoting sustainability, and I look forward to seeing this community grow and get stronger. Please feel free to reach out or come to any of our meetings!

What is the Environmental Sustainability Committee and what does it do?

In the past, the Environmental Sustainability Committee has been responsible for the Ban the Bottle Project, VTA Smartpass, and the DASG Bicycle Program. The EcoFund is also a
long-standing project where students with innovative ideas to promote sustainability on campus can receive DASB funding for their project.

Given the online start to 2020-21, keeping online engagement is crucial. We want to increase awareness of EcoFund to increase the number of applicants and see the construction of projects at De Anza when students can safely return to campus. We want to host online sustainability activities and workshops to maintain student engagement. Otherwise, we meet every single week and members of the committee are constantly coming up with new ideas to further our goal of spreading sustainable practices and suggestions are always welcome!


DASG Environmental Sustainability Code

Committee Membership

  • Chair of Environmental Sustainability
  • At least two (2) additional DASB Senators
  • And the following non-voting members
    • Interns
    • Advisor(s)

Meeting Agenda

Online Agendas, Minutes, and Attachments

Agendas are also posted on the bulletin board on the lower level of the Hinson Campus Center across from the DASG Senate Office.

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