Day and Time: Thursdays, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Location (if on campus): DASB Lounge

Zoom Link (if online):

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Amrit Kaur Gill


Maritza Arreola

Message from the Chair of Equity and Diversity

Hey peeps, it's Amrit!! I will be serving as the chair for the Equity and Diversity committee also known as EnD for the whole academic year starting Fall quarter. EnD is a such a fun and creative committee, I started out as an intern for a couple of committees, but in the end felt right at home at EnD. Not only do we encourage friendship among interns and senators, we encourage every single person to speak out and share their unique ideas with the team. A little story, I joined EnD as an intern without any thought of actually playing a huge role in this committee by joining the senate, but the people in this committee made me feel right at home and appreciated for my thoughts and ideas that gave me confidence to share and participate more. That's why I decided to run for chair position in the hopes of making everyone feel appreciated for their ideas, talents, and presence. Join the team 🤩

What is the Equity and Diversity Committee and what does it do?

Our responsibility as a committee is to create and host a minimum of 3 events every quarter with the budget that we have been given. Although we have been given a good sum of money, we never want to spend it recklessly, we use this to invest in events that can create an impact in school and promote diversity. Why these events are important like Spring Carnival, Diversity day, Fall Mixer, Thoughts Donation is because students can come together and have a good time in addition to being exposed to new and diverse friends, and also be aware of clubs and organizations on and off campus that participate in our events. There are countless ways in which we can promote diversity and expose people to situations that matter, our way is through hosting these events and we think that every individual has the ability to be creative and inventive that could be applied to DNE. Hopefully, you will find yourself at home here and be proud of how much you can have an impact on the diversely populated community, that is De Anza college.


DASG Equity and Diversity Code

Committee Membership

  • Chair of Diversity and Events
  • At least two (2) additional DASB Senators
  • And the following non-voting members
    • Interns
    • Advisor(s)

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Attachments

Online Agendas, Minutes, and Attachments

Agendas are also posted on the bulletin board on the lower level of the Hinson Campus Center across from the DASG Senate Office.

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