Disability Information Student Handbook

Book Loans and Scholarships

As a result of a specially funded program, a limited number of textbook titles may be loaned to eligible DSS students for the quarter.  A DSS counselor or LD Specialist can inform students about current availability of these and will advise on eligibility.


Through the generosity of bequests made to the Foothill-De Anza Community College Foundation for students with disabilities,  DSS is able to offer financial scholarships to eligible DSS students to purchase classroom books and required materials for enrolled courses.Book Scholarships

The college is not required to provide special or additional financial assistance to students with disabilities.  As a result, special stipulations govern the program and it is dependent on funding.

Students may contact their DSS counselor or LD Specialist for more information and for an application.

Students with disabilities who do not meet the scholarship criteria for eligibility and who need financial assistance can consult with their DSS counselor or LD Specialist for other options available to obtain course materials. 

For students with disabilities who need financial assistance, the Financial Aid office can also be consulted about eligibility and provisions for several loan programs.

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