Appendix B - DSPS Division Functions Overview


De Anza College has provided accommodations and services for students with disabilities since 1973. Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) is a Student Service’s division and is responsible for the implementation of all regulations, policies, and procedures related to providing educational access and academic support for qualified students with disabilities. 


Mission Statement:

The mission of the DSPS Division is to ensure access to the college's curriculum, facilities, and programs, and to promote student success in realizing individual educational and vocational goals.


Goals Statement: 

The DSPS goals are to:

  • Deliver to students with disabilities essential academic support services that promote equal access and opportunity and that help students realize their academic potential.
  • Design and implement instructional programs not offered in the college’s curriculum that meet special disability-related educational needs, with an emphasis on programs that contribute to students’ educational and vocational goals.
  • Advocate for the needs and interests of students with disabilities to faculty, staff, and students.
  • Empower students with disabilities to advocate on their own behalf.
  • Assist the college in meeting its legal and educational code obligations.


DSPS Function Statements:


DSPS Division - Administration  Location: ATC 209

The DSPS Division is responsible for the implementation of all regulations, policies, and procedures related to providing educational access and support for qualified students with disabilities. The DSPS Division has administrative oversight and coordination of all programs and services listed below.


Adapted Physical Education (APE)  Location: PE 13 / Pool

The APE program offers a broad range of courses to meet the fitness needs of students with disabilities. The curriculum is designed to accommodate personal fitness goals through individual instruction as well as appropriate group instruction. Classes are conducted in a large dedicated gym and accessible pool. Adapted courses include:

  • Aerobics
  • Aquatics
  • Outdoor education
  • Strength development
  • Total fitness


 Community Based ProgramsHope-De Anza 
There are two off-campus program sites -
  • Whittier Site (off Parkmore Ave.) in San Jose and
  • Alfred Street in Santa Clara
These programs are designed for students with intellectual disabilities to:
  • Prepare for successful job placement in supported or community employment and
  • Actively participate in their communities.
The goal is to provide a range of activities that advance students toward their personal, educational, and employment goals. 


Disability Support Services (DSS)  Location: RSS 141

DSS provides help for students with:

  • Physical,
  • Psychological,
  • Learning,
  • Visual,
  • Hearing, and
  • Chronic Health Disabilities, as well as,
  • Spectrum Disorders.
  • Services areas include, but are not limited to:
    • Learning Disabilities Support Team  Location: RSS 141
    • Learning Disabilities affect many individuals who struggle with achieving their academic goals due to information processing difficulties. Adults with learning disabilities may have challenges with:
    • Starting and completing tasks
    • Writing assignments
    • Reading comprehension
    • Math calculations and concepts
    • The Learning Disability Support Team provides the following services:
      • Learning disability assessment 
      • Educational Assistance Courses (GUID) 
      • DSS Tutoring Services
    • Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services(DHHS)  Location: LCW 110
    • DHHS provides DSS students assistance in obtaining class-room related services:
      • Interpreting Services
      • Real-Time Captioning
      • Assistive listening devices
      • Media Captioning
    • Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL)  Location: AT 203
    • DSS students are referred to CAL for evaluation of their specific learning needs and training on relevant technologies. CAL provides:
      • Assistive computer technology instruction and support
      • Web content accessibility support
      • Learning technology support
    • Alternate Media Services  Location: RSS 141
    • "Alternate Media" is created when printed materials are converted into other formats for use by persons who have print impairments and cannot access information through traditional print materials.   The "alternate" part refers to the fact that the print has been changed so that is it enlarged, in e-text or audio format, or in Braille and can be "read" using a computer or a mobile device.
    • Mobility Services  Location: RSS 141
    • A wheelchair-accessible courtesy shuttle service is available to students with temporary or permanent disabilities that affect their mobility.
    • DSS Testing Center   Location: LCW 110
    • Accommodation for classroom testing provides an equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities to demonstrate mastery of the course objectives and take required course exams or evaluative assignments.
    • DSS Tutorial Lab  Location: LCW 110
    • DSS tutoring services are provided by the Learning Disabilities Support Team for math or language classes through enrollment in Educational Assistance Tutoring (GUID) Courses. The DSS Tutorial Center also offers one-to-one and drop-in peer tutoring for De Anza College courses in a wide variety of subjects (based on Tutor availability).
    • Note-Taking Services  Location: LCW 110
    • There are several options for obtaining lecture or classroom notes as an approved accommodation:
      • Recording Lectures,
      • Instructor Copies, and
      • Classmate Copies


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