For completely online courses, we have asked your instructors to please be flexible and build extra time accommodations into their virtual/online quizzes, exams and finals.

If you have a need for proctoring of an on-campus exam, please reach out to our office during normal business hours and no less then 3 academic days before the exam is scheduled to be given, as to allow for the review of your request. In some cases, accommodations will be met in the classroom and/or in an online environment. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Virtual Office Hours
(Our testing office LCW 110 is closed and no staff is on campus unless you have a scheduled appointment)
Monday-Thursday: 7:00am-5:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-12:00pm

Email: dsstestproctor@fhda.edu
Phone: 408-864-8340 or 408-864-8927

If you are a student or Faculty who needs support or has questions regarding accommodations through Canvas, Zoom, etc., please email dsstestproctor@fhda.edu.

Steps To Arrange Testing Accommodations

How to request your Testing accommodations through Clockwork

Students: After your DSS application and counseling intake appointment is complete, please use Clockwork to request your approved accommodations.

Clockwork is a complete scheduling and data management system for our Disability Support Programs and Services.

To access Clockwork, follow these steps:
Download Accommodations Guide

  1. Login to Myportal
  2. Select Apps
  3. Select ClockWork
  4. Select ClockWork DeAnza
  5. Select Accommodations Letter
  6. Choose the correct term. Click Request for the class you need the accommodations letter
  7. Select the Courses and Request Your Accommodations. Check all that apply. Indicate whether your accommodations are correct or need to be changed. (Use Optional Note section to clearly list the additional accommodations requested.)
  8. Agree to Terms and click Submit
  9. To view your accommodation letter sent for each course, click on Get Letter.

Talk with your Instructor

Students please discuss your accommodation needs, for example 1.5x or 2x the assigned duration for an exam.

Once you submit your letter of accommodation, your instructor will receive an email notifying them of your authorized test accommodations. We have asked your instructors to please be flexible and build extra time accommodations into their virtual/online quizzes, exams and finals. You will not need to make an appointment through DSS.

Schedule an appointment for your On-Campus courses

Provide the following information for you on-campus course in your email to dsstestproctor@deanza.edu:

a. Your name and college student ID

b. Class name and CRN

c. List the day, and the time the scheduled test will take place and the in-class duration.
*Please note that all tests need to be scheduled during class time unless prior arrangements have been made with your instructor.

All appointments will take place in LCW 110, located behind the library.

Apply for DSS Request Info

Got Questions?

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Feel free to give us a call or send us an email. 

Michael Galindo

(408) 864-8927

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