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How to Apply for and Receive DSS Services

◊ Who is Eligible ◊ Steps for Continuing Students
  1. Have a qualified disability verified by an approved professional
  2. Have a disability that results in an educational limitation
  3. Be enrolled in classes at De Anza College
  4. Be able to benefit from the college programs and services
  5. Meet with a DSS counselor to establish a Student Educational Contract
Students who have learning disabilities are served by the Educational Diagnostic Center and should follow the application process described there.

What are the Steps to Apply for New and Returning Students?

Before you start with Step 1, see Definition of Terms for information about who is considered a "new" or a "returning" student in Disability Support Services.
  1. Submit Disability Verification Form.
  2. Schedule a DSS Intake-Registration appointment.
  3. Complete college application on-line.
  4. Take  placement tests, if applicable.
  5. Attend the Intake-Registration appointment & complete paperwork.
  6. Pay college enrollment fees at Registration appointment.

Step 1

Submit Disability Verification Form.

New Students
  • Download and print the De Anza Disability Verification Packet
    • includes Disability Verification form.

  • If requested, the packet can be mailed. Call the Disability Support Services (DSS) at (408) 864-8753.
Returning Students (away from De Anza for one year or more)
  • Contact the DSS Secretaryfor instructions to
    • update any disability verification documentation, if needed.
    • make an appointment with a counselor to review and update the Student Educational Contract.
New and returning students
  • The Disability Verification Form must be completed and signed by a physician, or other professional qualified to diagnose and treat the condition.
  • Submit the completed Disability Verification form

    • in person or by mail to

      Disability Support Services
      Student and Community Services Bldg.
      21250 Stevens Creek Blvd.

      Cupertino, CA 95014

    • or transmit by FAX to


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Step 2

Schedule a DSS Intake-Registration Appointment.
  • After the Verification form is received, a DSS staff member will call to schedule an Intake-Registration appointment.
  • This appointment is with a DSS counselor and lasts about one hour.
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Step 3

Complete College Application On-Line.

New and returning students 
  • must also submit a college application.
    • Complete the application on-line at home and submit electronically to the Admissions and Records Office.
    • Or, if assistance is needed, it can be completed at the DSS Intake Appointment.
  • De Anza College Student ID number to use in place of their Social Security Number.
  • The Placement Tests can be taken after the college application is on file and the college student ID number has been assigned.
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Step 4

Take De Anza College Placement Tests, if applicable.

  • See Placement Testing for DSS/EDC Students page for information about
    • who needs placement tests
    • where, how and when to take them
    • arranging any necessary accommodations

  • See the Assessment Center website for information about
    • Drop-In placement testingin basic English, ESL and Math
      • specific days and times
      • no appointment necessary
    • Advanced level placement tests in Math and Chemistry

  • Complete any placement tests at least three weeks prior to the Intake-Registration Appointment.
If you are unsure about whether you should take Placement Tests or if you will need accommodations to do so, discuss this at the Intake- Appointment with your DSS counselor.
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Step 5

Attend Intake-Registration Appointment
& Complete Paperwork.

At the Intake Appointment,the student and counselor will
  • Discuss the following
    • student goals
    • recommendations for programs and classes, taking into account goals and educational limitations
    • recommendations for accommodations and services
  • Complete the required Student Educational Contract
  • Complete a college application, if not previously submitted on line.
  • Select courses to enroll in with the assistance of the DSS counselor.
  • Complete class registration forms
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Step 6

Pay College Enrollment Fees at Registration Appointment.

must be paid to complete course enrollment.

  • Class registration will be completed and official only when fee payment is received.
    • Fees need to be paid by check or credit card.
  • Students on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and other low income students may qualify for the BOG-W Fee Waiver program. 

    • The DSS counselor can explain and assist with the application process.
    • The BOG-W program reduces, but does not eliminate fees.
    • Proof of Benefits must be provided.
    • The college will refund applicable quarter fees if a student qualifies for financial aid afterwards during the given quarter.


To be officially enrolled De Anza classes, all students must

  • Complete all required college and Disability Support Services paperwork

  • Pay  enrollment fees
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How do currently enrolled, continuing DSS students at De Anza get services?

See Definition of Terms for information about who is considered a "continuing" DSS student.

Continuing Students--Follow These Instructions

  1. Discuss services with the DSS counselor at the quarterly Priority Registration appointment.

  2. To request an additional service during the quarter,

    • Schedule an appointment with a DSS counselor.
    • Some services require a signed authorization form.  These include:
      • Test Accommodation
      • Alternate Media Services
      • Note-taking Service
      • Book Scholarships
  3. Deaf and hard of hearing students who request interpreting or captioning services for classes must
    • complete a pink "Request for Interpreting/Captioning" form  available from Deaf Services,
    • turn it in to the Deaf Services office.
    • meet with the Deaf Services Supervisor.
  4. Review and update the Student Educational Contract with the DSS Counselor.
    • Once a year this is required in order to continue receiving services.
  5. Students who want to add an Adapted PE class class and have not taken one in the past should make an appointment with their DSS counselor.
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