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Need an interpreter quickly?

If you are a currently enrolled student and need an interpreter for drop-in tutoring, to meet with an instructor, a visit to Financial Aid, the Bookstore or any other on-campus interpreting needs, check our interpreter Open Time availability schedule.


1. Check here to see when an interpreter is available.

2. Go directly to the available interpreter's office or email that interpreter. We will provide interpreting for you.

NOTE: The DHHS supervisor may not be able to respond to requests.

Contact the interpreter directly.

WINTER Quarter 2018

Week of: March 12-16

NOTE: Open Times change every day, so please check online first.

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 






 10-11:30  Rose

10:00-11:00   Hannah


 10-11:30  Rose


 11:30-12:20  Hannah, Christine



 10:45-11:30  Rose

 8:30-9:;30  Christine



  1:30-3:00  Rose


 1:00-2:00  Rose













Go directly to the interpreter's office or email them when you need an interpreter during their open time. The DHHS Supervisor may not be able to respond to you if you send a text message.


Interpreter                            Office Location                                  Email

Stacy Chapman                    LCW Cubicle 2                        chapmanstacy@fhda.edu

Rose Jensen                         LCW 109                                 jensenrosemary@fhda.edu

Christine Nakahara               LCW Cubicle 1                       nakaharachristine@fhda.edu

Hannah Pahl                         LCW 108                                   pahlhannah@fhda.edu

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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
Building: LCW 110
Contact:  Rosemary Jensen

Phone: 408 864-8755
Disability Support Services Building: RSS 141
Contact: Patricia Whelan
Phone: 408.864.8753
TTY: 408.864.8748


Last Updated: 3/15/18