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NCRA Code of Professional Ethics

Please refer to the Code of Professional Ethics with the NCRA for Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Provider in a Nonlegal setting.
Captioners will will also adhere to the National Association of the Deaf (NAD).


As situations deem it necessary for Deaf Services Policies to take precedence, consult with the Deaf Services Supervisor for clarification and advisement.



Dictionary Building Glossary Resources

Captioning Dictionary Screen Capture

Cart Providers working in the educational setting will incorporate specialized vocabulary based on the subject matter. DHHS has provided links below that may help in preparing for your assignments.

Political Science:


Additional Links





Tips for Captioners

Before Class Assignment

  • The CART Provider is responsible for setting up at least 15 minutes before their scheduled assignment.
  • Please make sure your cell phone is turned to “silent” during class.
  • Ensure your equipment and case are nearby for quicker setting up and tearing down.
  • Turn off your untranslatable in your software so real-time writing is clean.
  • Set up your equipment in the front of the class and “establish” a front row chair and table A desk for your laptop may be all that is available.
  • Scan the room for outlets. If there is no outlet for extensions near the front row where you are seated, please BE SURE to have your computer and steno machine charged.
  • The CART Provider is responsible to ask the student for any formatting preferences. 

During Class Assignment

  • If group work will take place, please advise the instructor that it is preferable for your student’s group to come to you and make a circle or group.
  • It is the CART Provider’s responsibility to communicate the need for accessibility during group work for our student.
  • Stay for the entirety of class during any lab work, in-class silent work and/or captioned videos.
  • If the instructor is showing a video/media in the classroom, please approach the instructor to confirm that the video is captioned/subtitled.
  • Ensure your equipment and case are nearby for quicker setting up and tearing down.


After Class Assignment

  • Editing of the transcript should be completed within 48 hours.
  • Add all untranslated words to your dictionary.

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