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The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet - Aristotle

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Catherine Hrycyk

By appointment.



Pediatric Nursing, Pharmacology for Maternal/Child Populations
B.A. (Sociology), University of Winnipeg, 1983; BSN, University of Saskatchewan, 1984; MScN, University of Western Ontario, 1987.

I have 40 years of nursing experience in nursing and have worn a number of hats in nursing and nursing education. It is thrilling to watch dedicated and hard-working students become successful nursing professionals.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy traveling (frequently home to Canada), and anything to do with the arts (theatre, opera, symphony). I look forward to working with you and facilitating your success in our program!

Fall 2017
CRN Course Title
24591 NURS-083A-57 Pediatric Nursing
24592 NURS-083A-78 Pediatric Nursing
21941 NURS-083P-01 Pharmacology III
22450 NURS-151.-55 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Fundamental (Non-Acute) Nursing
22451 NURS-152.-55 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Fundamental Acute Nursing
23795 NURS-153.-55 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Pediatric and Perinatal Patients
22453 NURS-154.-55 Nursing Laboratory Skills for Care of the Older Adult in an Acute Clinical Setting
01759 NURS-83AL-55F Pediatric Nursing (Clinical)
01760 NURS-83AL-56F Pediatric Nursing (Clinical)
21940 NURS-83PL-01 Pharmacology III Laboratory
Summer 2017
CRN Course Title
10057 NURS-050.-01 Career Opportunities in Nursing
11907 NURS-050.-02 Career Opportunities in Nursing

See individual course pages for syllabi or greensheets.

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