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Hello, we in the Psychology Department are so glad to be of service to you. I am Charles B. Ramskov retired in June 2019. I taught at De Anza Full and part-time since 1977. I started out

tutoring and being a T.A. for Frank Savage in 1974. Did my student teaching in 1975-76 and taught my first class (Saturday Psychology) in winter 1977. I taught part-time at De Anza and also at West Valley,  Evergreen (Evergrizzle), San Jose City, 

Solano, Fairfield, U.C. Davis and the University of Maryland (ext.) In Germany. I was hired full-time in 1991. During that period I was Department Chair for 25 years. I am now retired and will return to teach as an Article 19 Adjunct in Winter 2020. Forty-two great years teaching at De Anza! Thanks for the Memories!!


Hello I am Charles B. Ramskov and I have been teaching part-time and full-time since 1977.  I am a De Anza alumni and earned my A.A. degree.  I got the best start on my career available anywhere, right here at De Anza College. I started out as a Philosophy major and then changed as I became interested in experimental psychology in the very same lab. we have today (with upgrades of course).

I was born in Orlean, France and immigrated to the U.S. with my parents in the fifties.  My father was in the Army and we traveled the world for over twenty years.  I have lived in many parts of the U.S. as well as Japan, Korea, France, Germany and Spain.

I wanted to be a rock star out of High School but settled on going to De Anza.  That Rock Star business is harder than it looks.  I took Psychology 1 in Forum 1 at 9:30  in 1973 with Professor Poduska (now at Brigham Young).  I was inspired by that experience and the teaching of the Department Chair at that time Frank Savage.  He and others built a great program and we will continue it and we will inspire you.

De Anza College is very special to me and I want it to be a special experience for you.  I will do all I can to make that happen.  Remember De Anza is the very best Community College in this solar system.

Courses Taught at De Anza

  • General Psychology (Psych. 1)
  • Experimental Psychology both learning and Cognition (Psych. 2 and 3) and Psych. 15 Statistics
  • Abnormal Psychology (Psych. 4)
  • Personality Psychology (Psych. 5) and Humanistic Psych. 6, Psych. 8  Social and 9 Adjustment
  • Developmental Psychology (Psych. 14)
  • Psychology Internship Program

Classes I Teach

No Classes this quarter.

Faculty Info

Charles B. Ramskov
Full-time Faculty retired






  • A.A. Behavioral Science
  • M.A. Psychology
  • Ph.D. Psychology

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