Classes I Teach

Winter 2020

00526ES 11Introduction to Environmental Studies
30360ES 163ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
35703ES 166ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
35708ES 167ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies

Fall 2019

25093ES 12Introduction to Environmental Studies
20323ES 162ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
25405ES 166ZIntroduction to Environmental Studies
25403ES 41Energy, the Environment, and Society


My ES 1 class is now full, but I have another option for you. I am teaching ES 4- Energy, the Environment and Society during the Summer session. It meets the same UC and CSU transfer requirements for Social and Behavioral Science as ES 1. This is a no-cost textbook class that is offered 100% on line. Everything you need to succeed will be posted on Canvas.There is no need to come to campus. See the flyer below.

ES 4 Summer 2019


I was hired Full Time in August 2016 after 6 + years  as a part time instructor at De Anza. In addition to teaching IGETC transfer classes such as ES 1- Intro to Environmental Studies and ES 4- Energy, the Environment, and Society, I am the Lead Instructor and Program Chair for the Energy and Facility Management and Building Science Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs.


I strongly believe we all learn differently. I use a variety of different teaching methodologies in the classroom to address the learning needs of all of my students. I strive to make each session engaging. I work hard to get my students actively involved in every single class I teach. I make it easy for students to feel comfortable in the classroom and I allow my students to learn the way they learn best. 

Feedback from students tells me they get more out of group collaboration, class discussions, and critically thinking about the environmental issues affecting them today than traditional one way lectures, standard testing or long videos.  

My General Education ES 1 and ES 4 classes have been popular and fill quickly each quarter.

In my most recent student review 99 % of my FALL 2019 students would HIGHLY RECOMMEND OR RECOMMEND myself as an instructor and the classes I teach to others (sample size= 78 students).

I am rated very highly in the following areas:

  • Grading was fair and impartial
  • Motivating student interest and intellectual efforts
  • Maintaining a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning
  • Sensitivity in working with students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and learning differences
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject matter

I encourage students to think creatively and critically. Every student has a gift, a goal and a dream. My job is to motivate students to build on those gifts and be confident in achieving and pursuing their dreams. To me, being a teacher is more than teaching a specific subject or topic. It's an honor and privilege to inspire and motivate students to be all they can be- regardless of their educational major or career path. 


I've worked hard and utilized my previous experiences as a Silicon Valley business executive to build program relationships that provide real life learning experiences, internships and hands on career opportunities for our Energy and Facility Management students. The Advanced Energy Economy is growing at 6 TIMES the California economy. Legislation in California in Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Buildings and increased renewable energy generation is creating immediate LIVING WAGE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES for our graduating students. 

Since taking over the Energy Management and Building Science program in 2014, we've gone from averaging 8 students per class to 31 students per class. YES, WE ARE GROWING! We also went from a VERY insignificant and non relevant Certificate of Achievement to now offering TWO SEPARATE AS Degrees focused on desirable and quickly growing clean energy career paths.

Our Career Programs in Energy and Facility Management and Sustainable Buildings are growing rapidly! We've received honors from the State Chancellor's office for 100 % placement of graduates in well paying careers within 3 months of graduating. We also have the only Facility Management Degree program in the State (2 year OR 4 Year College) listed in the International Facility Management Association's (IFMA) Academic Registry.

If you're undecided on your educational focus, major or career path and you're looking for an environmental career that pays VERY WELL, check us out at


In addition to teaching, I have been the co- founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development for a utility scale solar energy start up company. Prior to 2010, I spent 28 years in Product and Channel Marketing and Sales Management at four different Silicon Valley Electronics companies. 

My experience raising two adult children who learn differently allow me to relate to the diverse educational needs of today's students. I enjoy teaching, mentoring and working with students to assist them in finding and achieving their true passion both personally and professionally. I take a dedicated and involved interest in helping my students be successful and in helping them to find a rewarding and sustainable career path.

Faculty Info

Bill (William) Roeder

Environmental Studies/ Energy and Facility Management

KC 241B


BS Business Administration (Marketing), California State University Chico; AA - Energy Management and Climate Policy, De Anza College

Office Hours

Spring 2019

ONLINE ONLY Mondays and Tuesdays 9:00AM- 11:00AM

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